Replacement Flag Policy

Annin & Co. - manufacturers of our TOUGH-TEX flags - guarantees that your TOUGH-TEX U.S. Flag will remain colorfast and will not change colors for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. This guarantee applies only to the dyes and colors used on your TOUGH-TEX flag. This guarantee specifically excludes fabric tears and fraying as high winds and high temperatures vary due to climate and location and are beyond Annin's control. Torn flags have exceeded their useful life and are not covered under this warranty. It is normal to change your flags approximately once every 3 months, particularly in high-wind areas or where your flag is flown daily.

Annin & Co. will replace any covered U.S. Flag that fails to remain colorfast through normal exposure to sun and weather during the guarantee period.

Colorfast refers to colors retaining the base color. Reds will remain red and not become orange. Blues will not fade to purples. Some color lightening and fading due to sun exposure is natural and will not affect the flag's usefulness and is not covered under this guarantee.

Guarantee Information

Annin & Co. guarantees to the end-user that your TOUGH-TEX ColorFast U.S. Flag will retain its base color for a minimum of one year from date of purchase by the customer or it will be replaced at no charge. Certain additional conditions and limitations apply and are listed below:

1) Guarantee applies to Colors only. No guarantee is expressed or implied regarding material strength, wind resistance or durability. TOUGH-TEX flags are made from double ply spun polyester yarn, the most durable material available but improper flag care, high winds and other environmental conditions can greatly reduce any flag's useful fabric life and is outside Annin's control. Fabric tears, fraying and rips are excluded.

2) Color guarantee applies to base color retention only. Both red and blue colors will not fade to orange and purple respectively as may be common on all other nylon U.S. flags. Some color lightening may occur. This does not affect the usefulness of the flag and is not covered by this guarantee.

3) This guarantee applies to all sizes of TOUGH-TEX ColorFast U.S. flags 3 x 5 feet up to 30 x 60 feet only. No other flags are covered by this guarantee.

4) Guarantee is limited to replacement of this flag only. No other damages, incidental or otherwise, are covered. No purchase price refunds or shipping costs are covered.

5) Should your Annin TOUGH-TEX ColorFast flag change color within one year from date of purchase, return it, shipping prepaid, with proof of purchase to:

Annin & Co. 3011 Philpott Road, Suite R-Returns Dept. South Boston, VA 24592

You may also call 1-800-825-3524 Press # 1 for Return Authorization

6) Guarantee limitations: Neither Annin & Co. nor makes any other guarantee or warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied, with respect to any other Annin products and disclaims any guarantee as to merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent that this guarantee is inconsistent with local laws, it shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such local laws as may apply.

7) Liability limitations: Except for the obligations set forth in this guaranty statement, in no even shall Annin & Co. be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whether based on contract, tort, or any other legal theory and whether advised of the possibility of such damage or not.