Outdoor American Flags - Made in USA

AmericanFlags.com carries a wide selection of American flags made in the USA from materials including heavy-duty polyester, nylon, and cotton. All sizes are suitable for outdoor display on any flagpole. Our US flags meet all official specifications and are sewn and shipped from America with pride. All of our American flags are in stock and ready to ship directly to your door. When you shop at AmericanFlags.com, you are buying directly, meaning you'll pay less for quality American Flags made here in the USA. 

Quick Tip: Heavy-duty polyester American Flags are best if your flag is to be used in a dry but windy environment. If your flag will be used in rainy, all-weather conditions, our Nylon American Flags are the best choice. If you prefer a more traditional American Flag and can keep it relatively dry, check out our Americana Cotton American Flags