Oklahoma State Flags

AmericanFlags.com is the foremost manufacturer of expertly crafted Oklahoma state flags. Every flag is made from the highest quality fabrics and materials to honor the beauty of the Sooner State. For over 20 years, we have offered stunning American-made Oklahoma flags and accessories, which is why we are ranked highest for customer satisfaction. Showcase your pride in your state with an unforgettable Oklahoma flag for sale and ready for immediate purchase from AmericanFlags.com.

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City of Oklahoma City Flags
Item# : OklahomaCityFlag
As low as $37.98 Regular Price $48.30 You Save 45%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 2 ft X 3 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-2X3
Special Price $24.48 Regular Price $36.00 You Save 32%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 3 ft X 5 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-3X5
Special Price $35.98 Regular Price $52.90 You Save 32%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 4 ft X 6 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-4X6
Special Price $51.48 Regular Price $75.70 You Save 32%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 5 ft X 8 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-5X8
Special Price $82.98 Regular Price $114.70 You Save 28%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 6 ft X 10 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-6X10
Special Price $164.98 Regular Price $228.60 You Save 28%
Oklahoma Stick Flags - 4 in X 6 in - Pack of 12
Item# : EF021295
Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $56.40 You Save 29%
Oklahoma Stick Flags - 8 in X 12 in
Item# : EF021296
Special Price $8.48 Regular Price $12.00 You Save 29%
3' X 5' Nylon Indoor/Parade Oklahoma State Flag
Item# : oklahoma-state-flag-indoor35
As low as $57.48 Regular Price $84.50 You Save 39%
4' X 6' Nylon Indoor/Parade Oklahoma State Flag
Item# : oklahoma-state-flag-indoor46
As low as $75.98 Regular Price $111.70 You Save 42%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 12 in X 18 in
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-12x1bin
Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $27.20 You Save 27%
Nylon Oklahoma State Flag - 8 ft X 12 ft
Item# : Oklahoma-State-Flag-8X12
Special Price $322.48 Regular Price $474.10 You Save 32%
Economy Printed Oklahoma State Flags
Item# : POLYOK
Special Price $11.48 Regular Price $16.90 You Save 32%
Indoor Mounted Oklahoma State Flag Sets
Item# : OKindoor
As low as $210.98 Regular Price $274.30 You Save 43%

Why Buy Oklahoma State Flags from AmericanFlags.com?

AmericanFlags.com is the most trusted supplier of Oklahoma state flags. Each Oklahoma flag mirrors Oklahoman's adventurous and explorative nature, with vibrant colors, masterful stitching, and durable materials that last the test of time. See the AmericanFlags.com difference with your own OK flag.

Check Out our Full Line of Indoor and Outdoor Oklahoma Flags 

  • Outdoor Oklahoma Flag: When quality matters, our durable OK outdoor flags deliver. Crafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions, we have multiple size options, including 3 x 5ft and 5 x 8ft. 
  • Indoor Oklahoma Flags and Indoor Flag Accessories: Our indoor Oklahoma state flag is ideal for any location, making it easy to show off your Sooner State pride at home, school, or the office. 
  • Oklahoma Stick Flags: Bring your Oklahoma pride with you on the go with our durable and beautiful stick flags. Available in two sizes, they are perfect to display or take to any event. 

Oklahoma Flag FAQs 

1. What size Oklahoma flags do you offer? 

We offer a wide range of size options for both indoor and outdoor Oklahoma state flags, including our most popular 3 x 5 ft and 5 x 8ft. 

2. What materials do you use on your Oklahoma flags? 

We use the highest quality materials for every OK flag, including nylon and polyester.

3. How should I display my Oklahoma flag? 

You should adhere to proper flag etiquette as outlined in the U.S. Flag code when flying your Oklahoma state flag.

4. Can I use the Oklahoma flag for residential and commercial purposes?

Yes, every AmericanFlags.com OK flag meets official specifications and is appropriate for both commercial and residential use.

5. How long is shipping? 

We offer same-day shipping on most orders to ensure you receive your Oklahoma state flag as quickly as possible. Delivery times vary depending on your chosen carrier. For more information, check out our Shipping Policy.

Bring Home an Oklahoma Flag from AmericanFlags.com Today! 

Create an eye-catching flag display and showcase your Sooner State pride with a beautiful flag from AmericanFlags.com. Every nylon Oklahoma flag is proudly made in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards and crafted to last the test of time.

Pair Your Oklahoma Flag with An American Flag for the Perfect Patriotic Display 

In Oklahoma, displaying the American flag alongside the state flag is a vibrant expression of both state pride and national unity. The American flag embodies the liberties and values at the heart of the American experience, paralleling Oklahoma's spirit of resilience and community. Our all-weather nylon U.S.A. flags and ultra-durable polyester American flags are ideal for Oklahoma's varied weather patterns. This combination celebrates Oklahoma's distinct identity as well as the enduring strength of the United States. 

Contact Our Friendly Customer Care Team 

Please contact our friendly Customer Care Team for help choosing the ideal Oklahoma flag or for more information on our exciting line of American flags and accessories.