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  1. creative ways to decorate with flags

    Flags signify the heartbeat of our nation and honor its rich history. While there's no doubt that they invoke pride, they're also a great patriotic home decor choice. Whether you're decorating for the holidays, planning a special event, or looking to update your home, creating a beautiful flag display is a great place to start! In this blog, we've gathered some of the top flag display ideas to inspire your creativity and celebrate the stars and stripes.  

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  2. Women's Veterans Day

    Every year, on June 12, as the calendar flips to Women Veterans Day, we’re presented with a golden opportunity to step back and honor the valiant women who’ve donned the uniform, those ready to serve our country with courage and dedication. 

    And yet, Women Veterans Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s our way of wrapping our arms around the extraordinary women who’ve faced challenges head-on, showing us all that courage isn’t defined

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  3. Grand Union Flag and Other Revolutionary Flags

    The Grand Union Flag, first unfurled in the early days of the American Revolutionary War, is more than a historical artifact; it's a symbol deeply entrenched in the American consciousness.  

    Created during a profound uncertainty and change, this flag represented the colonies' united front against British rule. Combining the British Union Flag with thirteen alternating red and white stripes, its unique design signified the colonies' solidarity and connection to the mother country.

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  4. American flag

    Anyone who has spent time traveling across the US has probably seen impressively sized American flags. You see them everywhere — at local car dealerships, veteran memorials, and anywhere where people want to show off their love for America. However, only one place can claim to have the largest American flag. Keep reading to learn about the largest American flag displays you can find. While it is unlikely that you will ever own the largest American flag in the world, you can still have the largest flag in your neighborhood when you shop at! 

    The World’s Largest American Flag: The Superflag 

    In 1981, Ski Demski of Long Beach, California, commissioned the Superflag, the world’s largest American flag. The Superflag

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  5. Gaspee Days Parade

    Rhode Island’s Gaspee Days is one of the most unique American celebrations. Dating back to pre-Revolutionary War days, the Gaspee Incident is often overshadowed by the Boston Tea Party. Yet, both events played significant roles in our country's quest for independence. 

    Warwick, Rhode Island, residents pay homage to the 1772 act against the British schooner HMS Gaspee, marking one of America’s first acts of rebellion against our English oppressors. There are parades, live music, festivals, and even a dramatic burning of the Gaspee effigy.  

    Gaspee Days are not only a way to honor the brave patriots who fought for freedom but also a way to help the next generation learn about the resiliency of the American people. Learn more about Rhode Island’s pivotal role in creating the country we are

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  6. Flagpole attached to a home with a flagpole holder for house

    Creating a flag display in front of your home is a great way to showcase your pride and patriotism. However, if it’s not installed properly, you risk damaging the flag. 

    To ensure your display lasts the test of time, you need to use a high-quality flag holder. Whether you’re a new flag owner or looking to upgrade your setup, this article will show you how to choose the perfect flagpole holder to fly any flag confidently!  

    What is a Flagpole Holder Called? 

    Flagpole holders for homes have different names depending on the type of display you’re creating. When wall-mounting, the holder is called a bracket, and it secures the flagpole at your desired angle. Brackets are highly versatile, with many models

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  7. Memorial Day Colors

    Upon the arrival of the last Monday in May, the United States pauses, collectively drawing a breath of gratitude. Memorial Day, far more than a marker for the unofficial kickoff to summer, stands as a day steeped in the profound reverence of remembrance. 

    It’s a day dedicated to honoring those courageous souls who paid the ultimate price for freedom, their stories serving as the foundation of our nation’s history. 

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  8. Black and White American Flags and Their Meaning

    The American flag is a beloved symbol representing the bravery and ideals of the American people. While the red, white, and blue stripes are one of the most recognizable emblems in the world, there is another version that is growing in popularity. 

    The black and white U.S. flag brings a modern twist to the classic design. From supporting law enforcement to embracing civil rights campaigns like the Black Lives Matter movement, the black and white flag invokes many meanings to

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  9. Unique American Celebrations: Utah's Pioneer Day

    On July 24th, most Americans go about their day, enjoying it like any other in summer. However, for many Utahns, it's a date carrying profound significance. 

    Pioneer Day celebrates the arrival of the first Mormon pioneers, led by Brigham Young. These brave travelers navigated harsh, unknown terrain with unwavering determination and steadfastness. They would become the founding members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

    Many observances and Pioneer Day celebrations mark the popularity of this exciting day. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ enjoy live music, rodeos, marching bands, and a Pioneer Day parade. In fact, some believe the celebration scale rivals Independence Day, at least in Utah. Let's explore more about the origins of this beloved holiday that showcases America's broad

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  10. Sectional vs Telescoping Flagpole

    When you’re ready to upgrade a wall-mounted flagpole to a freestanding version, you want to choose one that fits your lifestyle and provides unmatched visibility. In-ground flagpoles are an excellent way to display the U.S. flag or any custom flag you prefer. Adding a new flagpole to your home creates stunning curb appeal and lets you display your patriotism with pride. 

    However, when it comes to choosing the right flagpole, not all models are created equal. In this blog,

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  11. Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day vs. Armed Forces Day

    America would not be the country it is today if not for the brave men and women who fought to protect our freedoms throughout our history. To show our respect, America has several days set aside to honor our country’s heroes. While similar, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Armed Forces Day have major distinctions but are connected by a common bond of patriotism and respect. Recognizing the unique reasons behind each commemorative holiday is crucial. It allows you to properly show respect to our service members, whose bravery ensures our continued freedom. 

    Why It’s Important to Understand the Difference Between Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day vs. Armed Forces Day 

    Understanding the purpose of each federal holiday is essential for respecting our brave armed forces. For example, misunderstanding the meaning

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  12. The Earth Day Flag

    Earth Day is a celebration of nature’s beauty. From the sandy beaches of the Atlantic to the towering mountains of the Rockies and beyond, preserving our nation’s natural treasures is an essential role every person plays.  

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