Nevada State Flags

Discover the unparalleled quality of an American-made Nevada flag from Each masterfully crafted flag features premium materials, reinforced stitching, and ultra-vibrant colors, showcasing the standard of excellence that sets apart. Since 2001, we have proudly offered our customers Nevada state flags that are as beautiful as they are durable. We are ranked highest for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence with every flag we sell. Showcase your Silver State pride with a stunning Nevada flag on sale now and ready for immediate purchase.

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Nylon Nevada State Flag - 2 ft X 3 ft
Item# : Nevada-State-Flag-2X3
Special Price $24.48 Regular Price $36.00 You Save 32%
City of Las Vegas Flags
Item# : LasVegasFlag
As low as $37.98 Regular Price $48.30 You Save 21%
Nylon Nevada State Flag - 3 ft X 5 ft
Item# : Nevada-State-Flag-3X5
Special Price $35.98 Regular Price $52.90 You Save 32%
Nylon Nevada State Flag - 4 ft X 6 ft
Item# : Nevada-State-Flag-4X6
Special Price $51.48 Regular Price $75.70 You Save 32%
Nylon Nevada State Flag - 5 ft X 8 ft
Item# : Nevada-State-Flag-5X8
Special Price $82.98 Regular Price $106.10 You Save 22%
Nylon Nevada State Flag - 6 ft X 10 ft
Item# : Nevada-State-Flag-6X10
Special Price $164.98 Regular Price $228.60 You Save 28%
Nevada Stick Flags - 4 in X 6 in - Pack of 12
Item# : EF020999
Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $56.40 You Save 29%
Nevada Stick Flags - 8 in X 12 in
Item# : EF021000
Special Price $8.48 Regular Price $12.00 You Save 29%
3' X 5' Nylon Indoor/Parade Nevada State Flag
Item# : nevada-state-flag-indoor35
As low as $57.48 Regular Price $84.50 You Save 39%
4' X 6' Nylon Indoor/Parade Nevada State Flag
Item# : nevada-state-flag-indoor46
As low as $75.98 Regular Price $111.70 You Save 42%
Nylon Nevada State Flag - 12 in X 18 in
Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $27.20 You Save 27%
Economy Printed Nevada State Flags
Item# : POLYNV
Special Price $11.48 Regular Price $16.90 You Save 32%
Indoor Mounted Nevada State Flag Sets
Item# : NVindoor
As low as $210.98 Regular Price $274.30 You Save 43%

Why Buy Nevada State Flags from 

The Nevada flag showcases the resiliency and determination of Nevadans, and is committed to manufacturing flags that represent these honorable characteristics. Every NV state flag is crafted from the highest quality materials with expert stitching and brilliant colors to highlight the unparalleled beauty of the Silver State. Don't settle for poorly-made alternatives; purchase a stunning American-made NV flag from today! 

Discover Our Full Line of Nevada State Flags 

Create a breathtaking display with our premium indoor and outdoor Nevada state flags. Explore our selection below to find the ideal model for your flag display. 

  • Outdoor Nevada Flag: Our outdoor NV state flags are crafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions and are available in a wide range of sizes, including 3 x 5ft and 5 x 8ft.  
  • Indoor Nevada Flags and Indoor Flag Sets: Make a statement in your home, office, lobby, school or anywhere else you want to show your Silver State Pride. Every indoor NV state flag is crafted to the highest quality standards and made in the U.S.A. 
  • Nevada Stick Flags: The perfect addition to any display, carry your Nevada stick flag with you wherever you go to show your love for your state. 

Nevada Flag FAQs 

1. What are the rules for displaying the Nevada Flag? 

When displaying the Nevada state flag, you should follow proper flag etiquette as detailed in the U.S. Flag code.  

2. Are there special times to fly the Nevada flag? 

You should fly your Nevada flag on all national and state holidays, including Nevada Day. 

3. How long is shipping on my order? 

We strive for same-day shipping on all orders, ensuring our customers receive their Nevada state flags as quickly as possible. The speed of delivery varies based on your chosen shipping method. Please consult our Shipping Policy for more details.  

4. Is every Nevada flag made in the U.S.A.? 

Yes, every nylon Nevada flag from is proudly made in the U.S.A!  

Pair Your Nevada Flag with a Quality American Flag 

At, Nevadans are invited to celebrate their state pride with our exceptional American flags, sourced from top-tier manufacturers. Our selection of durable, all-weather nylon American flags and ultra-strong polyester American flags are ideal for Nevada's unique climate. Each flag features bright embroidered stars, sewn stripes with reinforced stitching, and fabric that withstands sun and wind damage. Displaying these flags is a fantastic way to show your Nevada spirit and your dedication to our nation. Visit us to find a flag that honors both Nevada and the United States. 

Contact our helpful Customer Care Team for assistance in choosing the ideal Nevada flag to fit your needs.