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South Carolina State Flags

South Carolina State Flags
When you’re ready to show love for the Palmetto state, turn to We are the premier supplier of American-made South Carolina state flags. Since 2001, we have sold flags of unparalleled quality to our customers, providing them with stunning indoor and outdoor flag displays that last the test of time. We are the top-rated among new and returning customers, who demand only the best. Every state flag is crafted to the highest quality standards, ensuring all of our products are second to none. Shop our large selection of South Carolina state flags in stock and on sale now at

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17 Results

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During the Revolutionary War Battle at Sullivan's Island, the South Carolinians built a fort of soft palmetto wood, which absorbed the impact of the cannonballs being shot by the British fleet and helped the South Carolinians win the battle. For this reason, the palmetto tree, along with white crescent, graces the South Carolina State Flag, which was officially adopted in 1861.

Choose From Our Large Selection Of South Carolina State Flags 

At, we have the perfect flag to meet your needs. We proudly offer both indoor and outdoor flags for residential and commercial use. Don’t settle for less; see the American-made difference with your Palmetto State flag. 

Premium Nylon Outdoor SC Flag 

Our premium nylon South Carolina flags are crafted from the highest quality 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon. Each one is specially treated to resist chemical deterioration and fading. They dry quickly, and feature reinforced canvas headers and durable brass grommets. Larger flags are reinforced with roped headings on the top and botton of the hoist end for added durability. Our nylon flags are excellent indoors and out, creating a stunning flag display you can feel proud to show off. 

Polyester Outdoor SC Flag 

Our polyester flags are meticulously crafted from two-ply 100% double-spun polyester for unmatched durability. Skillfully crafted for an extended lifespan, these commercial-grade flags are ideal for even the roughest weather conditions. The open weave design reduces wind resistance and lessens abrasions. They resist fading and chemical deterioration, ensuring longer-lasting vibrant colors. Each flag includes fly-end stitching and heavy brass grommets, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use. 

Tough-Ply Poly SC Flag 

Our newest flag fabric combines the best aspects of nylon and polyester. It’s Open Weave construction weighs less than traditional spun polyester, while being equally as durable. These flags are finished with brass grommets, a strong canvas heading, and reinforced fly-ends that extend the lifespan of your flag. Fly these flags in coastal and other high wind areas and you will be impressed by their performance. Tough-Ply Poly flags work well in homes, businesses, and other commercial settings.  

Indoor Mounted SC Flag Sets 

Create a stunning flag display with our indoor South Carolina mounted flag sets. The perfect addition to any home, office, school, church, lobby, or anywhere you want to show your South Carolina state pride. Each set includes a nylon South Carolina state flag fringed or unfringed, an oak pole with brass fittings, a gold spear topper, a plastic plated stand, and a gold cord and tassel. Now you can liven up any space with one of our beautiful flag sets. 

SC Stick Flag 

Stick flags are the perfect way to show your state pride. Wave them at a parade, festival, school, holiday, or event, or use them as grave markers and memorials. 8"x12” South Carolina stick flags feature a wooden pole, silk-like material, and four-sided stitching for added durability. 4”x6” flags are mounted on plastic, feature four-sided stitchings, and come in packs of 12 to easily hand out at events or as party favors.  

Shop American-Made South Carolina State Flags 

All of our South Carolina state flags are proudly made in the USA by expert flagmakers. As members of the FMAA, we carry the largest selection of FMAA-certified flags and accessories. When you shop at, you’re supporting hard-working American men and women, dedicated to providing you with highest quality products that are built to last the test of time. 

FAQ about SC Flags 

1. How do I choose the right flag size? 

Choosing the right flag size can feel overwhelming, but our customer care team is ready to help you choose the best one for your chosen location. To learn more, check out our American Flag Selection Guide

2. Do you sell mounting hardware? 

Yes, we carry a large selection of mounting hardware and flagpoles for indoor and outdoor flag display. 

3. What is your average shipping time? 

We always strive to provide expedited delivery on every order, with most orders shipping the same day. However, your shipping time will vary based on location, the product purchased, and your chosen shipping speed. For more information, check out our Shipping Policy

4. What if my order is damaged? 

We take pride in delivering high-quality products, but we understand orders can become damaged in transit. If this happens, please contact our customer care team and we will work with you to rectify the situation quickly. For more information on damaged items, please refer to our Return Policy

Purchase A South Carolina State Flag From 

Buy a high-quality, American-made South Carolina state flag from Our meticulously crafted state flags are built to last the test of time, retaining brilliant vibrancy and resisting wear and fading. Contact us today for any questions.  

Pair Your South Carolina State Flag with an American Flag 

Our South Carolina state flags pair perfectly with out stunning American flags, creating a beautiful patriotic display in your home or office.