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Episcopal Flags

Episcopal Flags features a wide variety of indoor and outdoor Episcopal flags in several sizes, styles and materials. All are designed to highlight Episcopalian pride and are perfect for any setting or occasion.

Formally adopted in 1940 by the Episcopalian Church, it had actually been first designed several decades earlier.

The red cross in the design is known as St. George’s cross. St. George is the patron saint of England, and the red and white cross design that bears his name has become a famous symbol of both the country and the Anglican church. The X-shaped cross in the top left corner is called a Saltire, and this particular blue-and-white design is based on St. Andrew’s saltire; likewise, to England, St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

The coloration was selected as a reflection of the Episcopal denomination being founded in America and for symbolic Christian reasons. The white represents Jesus Christ’s purity, the red for the blood spilled in Christ’s sacrifice, and the blue for the sky and Jesus’ faithfulness.