Idaho State Flags is the foremost provider of American-made Idaho state flags and accessories. For over 20 years, we have proudly served our customers, delivering top-quality service and superior products that last the test of time. Every Idaho flag is masterfully crafted from premium fabrics and designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. They feature expert stitching, vibrant colors, and durable headings for a product that stands out from the rest. is ranked highest among consumers for our extensive selection of American-made Idaho flags. Discover why we are the most trusted name for superior flags with your own Idaho flag, for sale and ready for immediate shipping.

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Nylon Idaho State Flag - 2 ft X 3 ft
Item# : Idaho-State-Flag-2X3
Special Price $24.48 Regular Price $36.00 You Save 32%
City of Boise Flags
Item# : BoiseFlag
As low as $37.98 Regular Price $48.30 You Save 21%
Nylon Idaho State Flag - 3 ft X 5 ft
Item# : Idaho-State-Flag-3X5
Special Price $35.98 Regular Price $52.90 You Save 32%
Nylon Idaho State Flag - 4 ft X 6 ft
Item# : Idaho-State-Flag-4X6
Special Price $51.48 Regular Price $75.70 You Save 32%
Nylon Idaho State Flag - 5 ft X 8 ft
Item# : Idaho-State-Flag-5X8
Special Price $82.98 Regular Price $114.70 You Save 28%
Nylon Idaho State Flag - 6 ft X 10 ft
Item# : Idaho-State-Flag-6X10
Special Price $164.98 Regular Price $228.60 You Save 28%
Idaho Stick Flags - 4 in X 6 in - Pack of 12
Item# : EF020407
Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $56.40 You Save 29%
Idaho Stick Flags - 8 in X 12 in
Item# : EF020408
Special Price $8.48 Regular Price $12.00 You Save 29%
3' X 5' Nylon Indoor/Parade Idaho State Flag
Item# : idaho-state-flag-indoor35
As low as $57.48 Regular Price $84.50 You Save 39%
4' X 6' Nylon Indoor/Parade Idaho State Flag
Item# : idaho-state-flag-indoor46
As low as $75.98 Regular Price $111.70 You Save 42%
Economy Printed Idaho State Flags
Item# : POLYID
Special Price $11.48 Regular Price $16.90 You Save 32%
Indoor Mounted Idaho State Flag Sets
Item# : IDindoor
As low as $210.98 Regular Price $274.30 You Save 42%

Why Buy Idaho State Flags from

Show your Gem State pride with an Idaho flag that personifies Idaho's unmatched beauty. is the top provider of state flags for all consumers, and we are committed to continuing our pattern of excellence in every product we provide. Every American-made ID flag we sell features vibrant colors, durable construction, and premium fabrics, resulting in quality that exceeds industry standards. Don't waste money on poorly made alternatives; purchase the highest quality Idaho flags on the market from 

Browse our Extensive Selection of Idaho State Flags is proud to provide the most extensive selection of indoor and outdoor Idaho flags, masterfully crafted to last the test of time. 

  • Outdoor Idaho Flag: Our outdoor ID flags are designed to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining their vibrancy. They are available in various fabrics and sizes, including our most popular 3 x 5ft and 5 x 8ft options. 
  • Indoor Idaho Flags and Indoor Flag Sets: Show your gem state pride with our breathtaking indoor ID state flags, featuring expert stitching for a stunning display that's perfect for residential and commercial use. 
  • Idaho Stick Flags: Our stick flags make a fun addition to holidays, parades, events, and festivals. Wave these lightweight yet durable flags anywhere you want to showcase your Gem State pride.  

FAQs about the Idaho Flag 

1. Where are these Idaho flags manufactured? 

Every nylon Idaho flag we sell is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.! 

2. When should I display my Idaho Flag? 

You can display your Idaho flag year-round or on any national or state holiday. 

3. How long will it take my flag to ship? 

To ensure fast delivery, we aim to ship all orders on the same day they are placed. Shipping times depend on multiple factors, including your chosen carry and speed. For more information, please read our Shipping Policy.

Pair Your Idaho Flag with a Beautiful American Flag 

At, we take pride in offering Idahoans the opportunity to display their state pride alongside our high-quality American flags. Our flags, crafted by esteemed manufacturers like Annin Flagmakers, Valley Forge, and Carrot-Top Industries, are perfect for Idaho's varying climates. Choose from our robust, all-weather nylon U.S. flags or our extra-durable polyester American flags, designed to endure the rugged Idaho weather. Each flag boasts bright embroidered stars, sewn stripes, and fabric that resists sun and wind damage. Show your Idaho spirit and American patriotism with a flag that truly represents your state and country. 

Contact our friendly Customer Care Team for more information on choosing the right Idaho state flag to fit your needs.