Vermont State Flags is proud to offer the widest selection of American-made Vermont state flags. Since 2001, we have provided our customers with the highest quality flags crafted from premium materials for long-lasting vibrancy and durability. Our customer service and unbeatable selection have made us the highest-ranking company for new and repeat customers. Showcase your Green Mountain State pride with a stunning Vermont flag from the most trusted name in American-made flags and accessories, Check out our impressive selection on sale and ready for immediate purchase.

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Outdoor Vermont State Flags
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Vermont Stick Flags - 4 in X 6 in - Pack of 12
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Vermont Stick Flags - 8 in X 12 in
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3' X 5' Nylon Indoor/Parade Vermont State Flag
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4' X 6' Nylon Indoor/Parade Vermont State Flag
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Indoor Mounted Vermont State Flag Sets
Item# : VTindoor
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Why Buy Our Vermont State Flags?

The Green Mountain State is known for its beauty, and our stunning Vermont flags rise to the same standard. Our VT state flags feature premium fabrics, reinforced stitching, strong headings, and brilliant coloring for an eye-catching product you can feel proud flying. Explore our extensive selection of indoor and outdoor Vermont flags from America's most trusted flag supplier, 

Explore our Large Selection of Vermont State Flags

We are proud to offer the largest selection of indoor and outdoor Vermont flags made in the U.S.A. 

Outdoor Vermont Flag: Our outdoor VT flags are available in multiple fabrics and sizes, including our most popular 3 x 5ft and 5 x 8ft. 

Indoor Vermont Flags and Indoor Flag Sets: For a beautiful flag display, turn to our indoor VT flags. They make the perfect addition to any residential or commercial location.  

Vermont Stick Flags: Our stick flags are crafted for durability and beauty. Use them as decor or to show your Green Mountain State pride at festivals, parades, and events. 

Vermont Flag FAQs 

1. What size Vermont flags do you offer? 

We proudly offer a wide range of sizes for our indoor and outdoor Vermont flags, including 3 x 5ft, 4 x 6ft, 5 x 8ft, and more.  

2. What materials do your Vermont state flags come in? 

We offer multiple fabric options for our Vermont flags to ensure you find the right one for your indoor or outdoor flag display. 

3. How fast is shipping on my order? 

We strive to ship all orders on the same day we receive them to ensure you receive your Vermont flag as quickly as possible. However, delivery times will vary based on your chosen shipping speed and carrier. For more information, check our Shipping Policy

Pair Your Vermont Flag with an American Flag 

In Vermont, pairing the state flag with the American flag is a meaningful way to celebrate both local pride and national unity. The American flag stands as a testament to the liberties and ideals that have shaped our country, resonating with Vermont's own rich history and commitment to freedom. Our U.S.A.-made all-weather nylon U.S. flags and ultra-durable polyester American flags are ideally suited for Vermont's varying climates. By flying these flags, Vermonters pay tribute to the Green Mountain State's distinctiveness and the collective resilience of our nation.  

For help finding the perfect Vermont flag for your display or for more information on our extensive line of American-made flags and accessories, contact our friendly Customer Care Team today.