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The Illinois State flag was redesigned in 1970 by Mrs. Sanford Hutchinson. Based upon the state's seal, which was designed by Illinois Secretary of State Sharon Tyndale in 1868, the flag has a white background on which the State Seal and the name "Illinois," appear. The Bald Eagle depicted in the Seal represents the United States. It holds a shield in its talons on which 13 stars and 13 stripes appear, symbolizing the 13 colonies. The State Motto, "State Sovereignty, National Union," appears as does the date Illinois was admitted to the Union and the date of State Seal, which are featured on the Seal's boulder.

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FAQ about the Illinois State Flag 

1. How should I display my Illinois state flag? 

When displaying the flag of Illinois, you should follow the guidelines outlined in the U.S. flag code. Additionally, the Union, containing the state seal set in a blue field, should be positioned at the top attached to the flagpole. During times of mourning, lower the flag to half-staff and remove it during inclement weather. 

2. Can I fly the Illinois state flag beside the U.S. flag? 

You can fly the Illinois state flag next to the American flag, but it must always be beneath our national flag. If you are displaying it in a flag set of two or more, the American flag should be in the center. For more information about properly displaying the American flag with state or local flags, visit our Flag Etiquette page.

3. When should I fly my flag at half-staff? 

The Illinois state flag should be flown at half-staff for all official state and national mourning occasions as declared by the president of the United States and the Governor of Illinois. For more information on official flag-flying days, visit flag flying holidays page.

4. Do you sell flagpoles for residential properties? 

Yes, we proudly offer a large selection of residential flagpoles that are perfect for any home. From free-standing to mounted varieties, we have the perfect flagpole to help you display your Illinois state pride! 

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