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Indoor Mounted New Mexico State Flag Sets
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Chosen from a flag competition held in 1920, the New Mexico State Flag pictures the sun symbol of the ancient Native American people called the Zia. The symbol features four groups of rays with four beams in each group emanating from the stylized Sun and reflects the Zia philosophy of the basic harmony of the universe; all centering on the sacred number four. For the Zia, the number four represents such things as the four seasons, the four directions of the Earth, and the four stages of life (childhood, youth, adulthood and old age). The flag's red and yellow colors are those of Isabel of Castilla, which were brought to the Continent by the Spanish Conquistadors.

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At, we stock indoor and outdoor New Mexico state flags, making it easy to find the ideal one for your flag display. If you’re unsure which option will work best in your chosen location, our friendly Customer Care Team is always ready to help. 

Premium Nylon Outdoor NM Flag 

Our premium nylon New Mexico flags are manufactured from 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon bunting and specially treated for superior resistance to fading and chemical deterioration. They contain sturdy canvas headers and brass grommets for added durability. Made with durable materials, these flags dry quickly and last longer, making them the perfect addition to any flagpole. Our nylon flags are also great for indoor use, boasting brilliant colors that look beautiful in any home or office, making them ideal for residential and commercial use. 

Polyester Outdoor NM Flag 

Our commercial-grade New Mexico polyester flags are crafted from two-ply 100% double-spun polyester. They feature an open weave construction, making them lightweight yet ultra-durable and able to withstand even the roughest weather conditions. We specially treat each flag for superior resistance against fading and chemical deterioration and use reinforced fly-end stitching and heavy brass grommets. They are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use and, as always, are proudly made in the USA! 

Tough-Ply Poly Outdoor NM Flag 

Our Tough-Ply Poly New Mexico flags, made from mediumweight polyester, offer you the best of both nylon and polyester, making them ideal for your home or porch display. Similar to spun polyester, they can handle strong winds but still flutter gracefully on calm days. Whether you want to fly it on a flagpole, hang it on your wall, or drape it vertically, these state flags proudly showcase the vibrant colors of New Mexico. 

Indoor Mounted NM Flag Sets 

Create a stunning indoor flag display with our indoor mounted New Mexico flag sets. Each one contains everything you need to show your love for your state, including a nylon New Mexico state flag with or without fringe, an oak flagpole with brass fittings and gold gilded spear topper, a gold plastic floor stand, and a gold cord and tassel. Our flag sets perfectly complement your home, school, lobby, office, or church decor. Purchase yours today. 

NM Stick Flags 

Our New Mexico stick flags are an excellent addition to any parade, festival, school, home, or for use as grave markers and memorials. We craft ours for unmatched durability, using a wooden or plastic pole with a gold spear topper, silk-like material, and four-sided stitching for added strength. Two sizes are available. 

FAQ About NM Flags 

1. Is the New Mexico state flag considered one of the most distinctive in the country? 

Yes, the New Mexico state flag is considered one of the most unique and distinctive state flags, ranking first out of 72 US state and Canadian flags in a 2001 North American Vexillological Association survey. 

2. Do you sell flagpoles and accessories? 

Yes! We proudly sell a large selection of indoor flagpoles, outdoor in-ground flagpoles and wall mounted flagpoles. We also stock all of the accessories you need to create a beautiful flag display and show your New Mexico state pride.

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Pair Your New Mexico State Flag With an American Flag 

Pair your New Mexico state flag with a breathtaking American flag from Our American flags are meticulously crafted to deliver brilliant vibrancy and unparalleled durability so you can create a stunning flag display and showcase your love for your state and country.