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AmericanFlags.com is proud to offer the widest selection of American-made Oregon state flags. Crafted to be ultra-durable and vibrant, these US state flags are built to last the test of time. Since 2001, we have sold the highest quality flags and accessories, which is why we are the highest-rated company among new and repeat customers. As the preferred retailer for state flags, you can purchase with confidence. Buy your own Oregon state flag in stock and on sale now at AmericanFlags.com.

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Nylon Oregon State Flag - 12 in X 18 in
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The Oregon State Flag features a deep blue field and two-sided flags feature Oregon's state animal, the beaver, graces the reverse side of the flag, while the front has the inscription "State of Oregon," and "1859," which is the year Oregon obtained statehood. A heart-shaped shield with an image symbolizing the transfer of the Oregon territory from the British to the U.S. is also depicted along with a covered wagon representing the Oregon Trail pioneers.

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Premium Nylon Outdoor OR Flag 

Our Oregon nylon putdoor flags are crafted from 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon for superior durability. They are fast-drying and specially treated to resist chemical deterioration and fading. Place them indoors or hoist on an outdoor flagpole for a stunning display that’s perfect for residential and commercial spaces. 

Polyester Outdoor OR Flag 

For unmatched durability, turn to our commercial-grade polyester flags. They are made from two-play 100% polyester, with an open weave design to reduce fraying. Their lightweight construction ensures they look beautiful in even the lightest breeze. Each flag features reinforced stitching, canvas headers, and heavy-duty grommets with vibrant printing. 

Tough-Ply Poly Outdoor OR Flag 

At AmericanFlags.com, we're thrilled to introduce our innovative Tough-Ply Poly fabric for the Oregon state flag. This cutting-edge material is specially designed to excel in Oregon's often wet and windy weather. It's lightweight and quick-drying compared to traditional polyester. Plus, it showcases vibrant colors and intricate designs with incredible detail. Enhance your outdoor display with our Tough-Ply Poly Oregon flag and discover the difference at AmericanFlags.com. Fly your OR state flag with pride! 

Indoor Mounted OR Flag Sets 

Show your Oregonian pride with a stunning indoor mounted flag set. Each set contains everything you need for a beautiful display. It includes a nylon Oregon state flag, either fringed or unfringed, an oak pole with brass fittings with a gold spear topper, a plastic plated floor stand, and a gold cord and tassel. These sets are ideal for the home, office, school, government institution, lobby, or anywhere else you want to show your love for your state. 

OR Stick Flags 

Our premium OR stick flags make the perfect addition to any occasion. Use them at parades, festivals, holidays, and events or as grave markers and memorials. Each one contains a sturdy wooden pole with a golden spear topper, silk-like material, and four-sided stitching for added durability. They are available in two size options for added convenience. 

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Every flag from AmericanFlags.com is proudly made in America. As a member of the FMAA, we have the widest selection of FMAA-certified products and accessories. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on cheaply made foreign products. We partner with expert flagmakers who craft each state flag to the highest quality standards so you can purchase with confidence. Support hard-working American men and women like yourself with a beautiful Oregon state flag from AmericanFlags.com. 

FAQ about OR Flags 

1. What type of flagpole should I use for my flag?

The flagpole you use depends on your flag’s location. We offer a large selection of in-ground and mounted flagpoles. Each one provides a helpful description identifying its designated location, making it easy to choose the right flagpole for your needs. Need more help? Our friendly customer care team is happy to help you pick the perfect flagpole for your home or office. 

2. What are the rules for flying the Oregon state flag? 

When flying the Oregon state flag, you should follow the same guidelines within the U.S. Flag Code

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AmericanFlags.com is proud to be the premier supplier of high-quality American-made Oregon state flags. Every flag we sell features meticulous stitching, vibrant colors, ample reinforcement, and premium materials. We are dedicated to providing a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience, which is why our customer care team is waiting to help you find the perfect flag, flagpole, and accessories. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on cheaply-made foreign alternatives. When you shop at AmericanFlags.com, you can buy with confidence, knowing you are receiving the highest quality, American-made products. For any questions, please contact us today.  

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Create a stunning patriotic flag display by pairing your Oregon state flag with a beautiful American flag from AmericanFlags.com. We offer an impressive selection of indoor and outdoor American flags that look stunning in your home or atop a flagpole. We have multiple size options, from stick flags to gargantun 50’x80’, to fit any display. Don’t settle for less; shop our vast selection of state and American flags today.