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The symbols used on the Presbyterian Church (USA) flag are very special to the denomination. The seal is a cross that offers multiple meanings and symbols within it. The upper portion of the cross is a dove descending which represents the Holy Spirit, the baptism of John, and peace. The upper portion of the horizontal part of the cross represents an open Bible. The portion of the cross directly beneath this through the rest of the cross symbolizes a lectern and the importance of preaching in the Presbyterian faith. On both sides of the cross are flames that symbolize the relevance of the Old Testament and the suggestion of the beginning of the Christian Church. The triangle can be formed when linking the outer portion of the flames and connecting them to the center of the cross. This triangle represents the Presbyterian government. In the center of the dove can be found a fish, which offers early connotations of Christ and in the center of the lower portion of the cross is a symbol that appears to be a baptismal font or a communication cup, showing that the symbolism and thought behind this seal were greatly considered. The Presbyterian Flag is a simple white field that shows the seal in its center. The seal is encircled in the words "Presbyterian Church (USA)."

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Presbyterian Flag - 3 ft X 5 ft
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