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Pennsylvania State Flags

Pennsylvania State Flags
At, we provide high-quality, American-made state flags meeting all official specifications. Each Pennsylvania state flag is crafted from premium materials and made to last, so you can fly it with confidence. As a proud member of the NFIDA, FMAA, and the BBB, has provided superior flags for over twenty years. When quality matters, is second to none.

The Background Of The Pennsylvania Flag 

The flag of Pennsylvania was adopted in 1778 as the official emblem for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It proudly displays a seal with the state's coat of arms, featured prominently within the center of a striking blue field. While the Pennsylvania coat of arms was placed on the flag in 1778, it would be another year before the design was authorized by the general assembly for use on official state militia flags, on April 9th, 1799. While the flag was used for official militia purposes, there were many civilian variations in circulation until June 13th, 1907, when an official nonmilitary version was adopted by the state legislature. 

Flag Design 

Similar to the official emblem of the state of Pennsylvania, the coat of arms it proudly displays has undergone many changes. The official design features many of the Keystone state's most dearly beloved images paying homage to its rich and beautiful history. Two rearing horses signifying transportation and agriculture flank the sides, highlighting the bald eagle, which sits proudly on the center top, denoting strength in sovereignty. Within the state coat of arms, a sailing ship that brings to mind the port of Philadelphia, the state's center of coastal commerce, with a plow directly beneath, commemorating Pennsylvania's rich natural resources. 

Below the plow, three sheaves of wheat showcasing the state's agriculture round off the emblem's interior. A cornstalk honoring native Americans and an olive branch, the sign of peace and hope cradle the coat of arms, while the state's motto, virtue, liberty and independence drapes within a brilliant red banner along the bottom. This unforgettable design was created by Caleb Lownes, a Quaker from Philadelphia, and, with its inclusion on the flag, touts the distinction of being one of only eight U.S. state flags that feature an American bald eagle. 

Interesting Facts About The Pennsylvania Flag

  • While the official flag design was adopted in 1907, the Pennsylvania state legislature introduced a bill in 2005 to add the word "Pennsylvania" to the flag's bottom. While it was approved, the Senate has taken no action to incorporate the new wording, meaning the flag remains unchanged. 
  • Unlike some U.S. State flags, the Pennsylvania coat of arms is embroidered on the flag, not printed. 
  • The colors used within the flag of Pennsylvania include red, green, brown, gold, and blue. 
  • Pennsylvania has a rich history of global commerce, serving as a coastal port for ships traveling to different parts of the world. The ship within the emblem signifies this little-known state contribution. 

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If you're looking for your own Pennsylvania state flag, our American-made flags are the perfect way to show you Penn state pride. 

Outdoor Nylon Pennsylvania State Flags 

Our heavy-duty nylon flags are perfect for outdoor use, featuring Nyl-Glo and 200-denier bunting, and are treated to reduce chemical and UV deterioration. Every flag meets official specifications, making them the perfect option for residential and commercial facilities. When you choose you can trust that every flag we create is finished with the highest quality canvas headings and secure brass grommets, making them extremely durable and able to withstand various weather conditions. Our one-year colorfast guarantee ensures your flag will stay vibrant and resist fading, giving unmatched peace of mind. As with all of our products, our Pennsylvania state flags are made in America and crafted to stand the test of time. 

Indoor Pennsylvania State Flags 

Our indoor nylon flags are the perfect addition to any residential or commercial building, crafted out of high-quality premium materials and proudly made in the USA. As the symbol of Pennsylvania, each indoor flag features beautiful color-matching thread, durable pole sleeves, and secure velcro mounting tabs, allowing you to display them with confidence. Lined with luxurious golden fringe, our flags are the focal point of any room. While designed for indoor use, the 100% nylon taffeta is surprisingly weather-resistant, making our flags the ideal choice for parades and events.

Pennsylvania Stick Flags 

Show your state pride with Pennsylvania stick flags printed on the highest quality silk-like fabric with vibrant colors that make the state's emblem shine. With four-side stitching, each flag is extremely durable and the perfect option for schools, parades, indoor and outdoor events, and more. Each flag is mounted on a stunning 18" black wooden staff, topped with a golden spear, making it ideal for display commercial and residential display. As with all products, our Pennsylvania stick flags are proudly made in the USA! 

FAQ About the state of Pennsylvania and its Flags 

  1. What Is Pennsylvania Known To Be Famous For?

Pennsylvania is one of the most important states for steel, coal, and railroads. It's also the nations leading mushroom provider, producing over 425 million pounds every year. 

  1. Why Are There Horses On The Pennsylvania Flag?

The horses on the flag of Pennsylvania represent diligence along with transportation. As a Quaker, the flag's designer no doubt respected the horse's contribution to the state's success. 

  1. Was PA A Union Or Confederate State?

Pennsylvania was a Union state, along with nineteen others along the United State's northern and Western coasts. 

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