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Add a piece of patriotic excellence to your collection with our outdoor Coast Guard flags. These flags aren't just symbols; they're an embodiment of the dedication and courage of the guardians of our coastline. Officially licensed, they precisely recreate every intricate detail of the USCG emblem. Order now to experience the true essence of Coast Guard excellence in every ripple and wave. 

  • Available in three fabrics for durability in all types of climates 
  • Automatically discounted when purchased in bulk (select size to see quantity discounts)  
  • For sale in seven sizes, ideal for home use (12 x 18in, 2 x 3ft, 3 x 5ft), commercial use (4 x 6ft, 5 x 8ft, 6 x 10ft), or both.  
  • Made in the USA

Outdoor Coast Guard Flags Come in Three Fabrics! 

Picking the right fabric is critical when deciding which outdoor Coast Guard flag to put on your flagpole. If it's too heavy, the flag might not wave properly. If it's too light, it might not last your desired lifespan. Keep reading to find out which flag fabric is just right for you. 

  • Nylon: Discover why our nylon flags are a customer favorite. They're lightweight and durable, pre-treated to resist the sun's U.V. rays, which means they hold their color even during prolonged sunlight. You can use them to decorate your porch, hang on your wall, or fly on a flagpole in areas with mild to moderate winds. These flags are made from 200-denier nylon, the ideal thickness for outdoor nylon flags. This means it is thick enough to handle various weather conditions but light enough to catch the wind on calm days. Elevate your display with our trusted nylon flags; order yours today. 

  • Polyester: Our polyester flags share the Coast Guard's legacy of toughness and endurance. These flags are crafted from double-spun polyester, giving them a classic-looking cotton-like texture. They've been designed to defy tearing and fraying even in the harshest weather conditions and are the same flags flown in official Coast Guard bases in the most extreme areas. Consider our polyester flags if you are looking for a truly commercial-grade display. These flags are not ideal porch flags. Their heavy-duty fabric can place strain on porch flagpoles, causing them to weaken and break. Select our polyester flags for an attention-grabbing display that withstands the harshest conditions. Unleash their strength today! 
  • Tough-Ply Poly: Introducing our newest flag fabric, Tough-Ply Poly. Tough-Ply Poly flags marry polyester's durability with nylon's wicking abilities to produce a flag that flies beautifully in all types of weather. These flags, made from a mesh-like polyester weave, use state-of-the-art printing technology to recreate complex emblems with unmatched precision. Experience the latest innovation in flag technology when you order our Tough-Ply Poly flags today! These flags create beautiful flag displays on your porch or front yard, regardless of your climate or wind conditions. 

AmericanFlags.com: Serving Americans from Coast to Coast  

AmericanFlags.com has helped bring thousands of made-in-the-USA flags to homes across the country. Contact our friendly customer care team if you have any issues after ordering your outdoor Coast Guard flag. We will be happy to assist you!  

Other Styles of USCG flags

AmericanFlags.com offers more than just outdoor Coast Guard flags. Whether you're looking to display your flag at home, in a parade, or at an official ceremony, our collection includes a wide variety of U.S. Coast Guard flags to meet your needs. From indoor flags that add a touch of formality to your home, office, or public events to stick flags and Coast Guard garden flags that create meaningful outdoor displays, AmericanFlags.com has it all. Explore our Coast Guard flag category to discover our full range of products and honor the guardians of our coastline. 


U.S. Military flags 


In addition to USCG, AmericanFlags.com carries flags to represent all armed forces branches. Display your USGC flag by itself or as part of an armed forces set that includes the U.S. Army flag, Navy flag, Marine Corps flag, and Air Force flag. We even carry U.S. Space Force flags so you can celebrate America's newest armed forces branch! Explore our full military flag collection to find the perfect addition to your patriotic display. 

Outdoor American flags 

No military flag display is complete without an outdoor American flag to remind us of the values and freedoms the brave U.S. Coast Guard fights to protect. AmericanFlags.com proudly offers outdoor American flags in two durable flag fabrics. Our nylon American flags are lightweight and graceful, swaying gently in the breeze, making them a beautiful tribute to the stars and stripes. On the other hand, our polyester American flags are sturdy and can withstand tough weather conditions, symbolizing the enduring strength of the United States. By hanging your USCG and American flags together, you create a powerful display that pays respect to the Coast Guard and showcases your deep love for American values. Find your perfect combination today at AmericanFlags.com and proudly display your loyalty to the USCG and the USA. 

Elevate Your Flag Experience with AmericanFlags.com 

At AmericanFlags.com, we are your trusted partner in all things flags and patriotism. Founded in 2001, our journey began during a turning point in American history, and we've been proudly serving our nation's flag needs ever since. Today, we are led by a team of industry veterans with over 40 years of experience in the flag industry, backed by one of the most exceptional customer service teams in the business. As proud members of FMAA, and the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards. We meticulously vet and curate our collection to ensure you get nothing but the finest. When you choose AmericanFlags.com, you're choosing an unwavering commitment to the spirit of the United States. Experience the true essence of American quality with us. 

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