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To this day, nearly 80,000 American soldiers' fates remain unknown. Let's celebrate their profound contributions, which are as meaningful as those of soldiers whose stories are known. Our POW/MIA flags testify to the undying spirit of these heroes. Fly your POW/MIA flag with pride, and let it tell a story of remembrance, honor, and respect. 

  • Printed single-sided with its touching design visible on both sides  
  • For sale in two durable flag fabrics — lightweight nylon and commercial-grade polyester 
  • Finished with a strong canvas header and brass grommets (6 x 10ft and smaller) 
  • 8 x 12ft flags have roped headings for added durability 
  • Available in several sizes ideal for the home (12 x 18in, 2 x 3ft, 3 x 5ft) or in front of offices or small commercial buildings (4 x 6ft, 5 x 8ft, 6 x 10ft, 8 x 12ft)  
  • Quantity discounts automatically apply to orders of three or more 
  • Made in the USA

Outdoor Single-Reverse POW/MIA Flags Come in Two Great Fabrics!

Single-sided POW/MIA flags have the POW/MIA seal printed on one side of the fabric. This design appears as a mirror image on the back side and reads backward. Single-sided flags are lightweight and feature resonant designs that are easily visible from all angles. Single-sided outdoor POW/MIA are made with an unmatched dedication to quality. Their durability means you will have bright, vibrant tributes that last through rain, sun, snow, wind and other outdoor conditions. Experience the quality difference of our POW/MIA flags when you shop at AmericanFlags.com today.  

  • Nylon Single-Sided POW/MIA Flags: Crafted from lightweight 200-denier nylon, our single-sided flags strike a perfect balance. They gracefully flutter in the gentlest breeze while braving the elements. Treated to resist the relentless sun's U.V. rays, these flags maintain their vibrant colors through prolonged exposure. Their lightweight construction makes them a top choice for displays outside your home, on walls, or wherever you need a flag to hang beautifully. Order now to discover why nylon remains our most favored flag fabric. 

  • Polyester Single-Sided POW/MIA Flags: Constructed from double-spun polyester, our polyester flags are engineered to withstand fierce winds and harsh weather conditions. These are the same flags trusted by military bases near coastal and extreme weather regions. You can have complete faith in our polyester flags to maintain their integrity and colors, even in places that tend to wear flags down rapidly. Choose a fabric built for stability when you order polyester. We recommend polyester flags for commercial-grade displays as the fabric can sometimes strain wall-mounted residential flagpoles due to its weight. 

AmericanFlags.com is a Proud Supplier of Made-in-the-USA Military Flags — Browse Our Many Related Products

AmericanFlags.com can help you whether you need additional POW/MIA flags or want to pay tribute to a specific military branch. Our selection includes many excellent gifts for military families, veterans, those currently serving, and anyone enthusiastic about our military. Shop online to see our entire collection, or contact our friendly Customer Care team if you require assistance with your order.

Other POW/MIA flags 

Explore our POW/MIA flag collection to honor prisoners of war and missing soldiers in your own way. We offer a wide selection, including POW/MIA stick flags, indoor flags, flag sets, and more. For a striking display that reads correctly from all angles, check out our double-sided POW/MIA flags. Crafted from two layers of fabric with a third sewn in between, they create a beautiful tribute. However, it's important to note that double-sided flags are better suited for commercial flagpoles due to their added weight. If you want to delve deeper into the history and significance of the POW/MIA flag, don't miss our blog post, "POW/MIA Flag: History and Significance." Make AmericanFlags.com your go-to source for POW/MIA flags!

Military Flags

Supporters of the U.S. military can choose from many flags, including the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. All these military flags are officially licensed. Plus, they depict the emblems of each U.S. military branch with complete accuracy. These are the same flags trusted by official bases and other military buildings. They guarantee that your display upholds the same quality and authenticity as those of the U.S. military. Shop today to experience the AmericanFlags.com difference! 

Outdoor American Flags

Complete your outdoor POW/MIA flag display with an outdoor American flag. The American flag reminds us of the values and freedoms that POWs and missing soldiers have protected. At AmericanFlags.com, we offer durable outdoor American flags in two types. Our lightweight nylon American flags gracefully sway in the breeze while our sturdy polyester American flags withstand the harshest weather conditions. Hanging both flags shows respect for the sacrifices made and your love for American values. Find your perfect flag combo at AmericanFlags.com and display your loyalty to our missing soldiers and the USA.

AmericanFlags.com is Committed to Honoring our U.S. Military

At AmericanFlags.com, we're devoted to the highest quality American flags and products that embody our nation's spirit. We proudly support the U.S. military with a 15% discount for veterans and active-duty personnel (check our coupon page). We're more than a flag retailer; we're a symbol of American pride. Join us in celebrating our great nation and giving back to those who protect it. 

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