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Our outdoor Texas flags embody enduring strength, ready to conquer the elements in every corner of the Lone Star State. Choose from three high-quality fabrics and several sizes to wave your Texas pride high, large, and proud.

  • Incredible size range; for sale in 12 x 18in, 2 x 3ft, 3 x 5ft, 4 x 6ft, 5 x 8ft, 6 x 10ft, 8 x 12ft, 10 x 15ft, 10 x 19ft, 15 x 25ft, 20 x 30ft, 20 x 38ft, 30 x 50ft, 30 x 60ft 
  • Attaches to your flagpole with a strong canvas header and brass grommets 
  • Roped headings on flags 8 x 12ft and larger 
  • Buy more and save — bulk discounts are automatically applied to qualifying orders! 
  • Made in the USA

Outdoor Texas Flags Come in Three Excellent Fabrics  

Continue reading to learn which fabric will best endure the elements in your part of Texas. Bullet points are arranged from the lightest to heaviest flag fabric. Please note that the heavier the flag fabric, the longer it should last in high-wind areas.  Heavy-duty fabrics like polyester are not recommended for porch flag displays. Their heavier weight can cause strain on wall-mounted flagpoles, potentially causing damage or breakage.  

  • Heavyweight Nylon: Our top pick! This 200-denier fabric is specially treated to take on the harshest sun and rain. It's the favorite choice of many Americans because it's super tough, dries quickly, and boasts vibrant, long-lasting colors. Nylon flags are also lightweight and fly in the slightest breeze. With sturdy canvas headings and reinforced stitching, these flags stay vibrant even in Texas's bright sun! Nylon creates stunning, lightweight porch flag displays.  

  • Tough-Ply Poly: Lightweight but built to last, these flags feature the sharpest colors and printing around. They come with canvas headings and reliable brass grommets, guaranteeing they'll endure the test of time. Hang on your porch or fly on your flagpole for a bright, long-lasting display that flies high and dries quickly.  

  • Heavy-Duty Polyester: This double-spun fabric means serious business. It's designed to tackle all kinds of weather and comes equipped with canvas headers and your choice of either brass grommets or a rope heading with steel thimbles, depending on the size. Fly this flag if you live in an area with intense winds; this fabric will stay vibrant even in extreme weather!

Additional Flag Information 

Our outdoor Texas flags come in with different finishes and constructions. Continue reading to learn the differences.  

Roped Headings vs. Grommets  

A flag's header, or "hoist," is the side that attaches to the flagpole, typically made of sturdy white poly duck material. It comes with either brass grommets (metal rings) or roped headings (a sewn-in rope with a metal thimble) to hang the flag and resist wind pull. Smaller flags use grommets, while larger ones employ both for added security. Grommets are attached with flag collars or snap hooks. 

Printed vs. Sewn Construction 

While most of our state flags are created by running the fabric through a printer, the Texas flag is constructed a bit differently. While some variations are printed using one piece of fabric that is dyed in the Texas flag pattern, many Texas state flags are created by sewing red, white, and blue pieces of fabric together and then applying the white star to the blue field. 


Flag Size 



12 x 18in, 3 x 5ft*, 4 x 6ft*, 5 x 8ft* 

Printed, single reverse 

Header with two brass grommets 

2 x 3ft, 3 x 5ft, 4 x 6ft, 5 x 8ft, 6 x 10ft 


Header with two brass grommets 

8 x 12ft 


Header with two roped headings 

10 x 15ft, 10 x 19ft, 12 x 18ft 


Header with two roped headings and one brass grommet in the middle 

15 x 25ft, 20 x 30ft, 20 x 38ft 


Header with two roped headings and three brass grommets in the middle 

30 x 50ft 


Heading with two roped headings and five brass grommets in the middle space every four to five feet.  

30 x 60ft 


Heading with two roped headings and five brass grommets in the middle space every four to five feet. 

*Tough-Ply Poly fabric only

Embrace the Legacy of Texas and America with AmericanFlags.com!

AmericanFlags.com is committed to helping you express your unwavering patriotism. Our friendly Customer Care team is at your service, ready to address any inquiries regarding your outdoor Texas flag. 

100% Made-in-the-USA 

AmericanFlags.com is a proud flag industry leader founded in 2001 by Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds. Today, we're a woman-owned business guided by seasoned flag veterans boasting over 40 years of experience. As members of NIFDA, FMAA, and the Better Business Bureau, we stand for top-notch quality and service. Say no to subpar imports and invest in a flag that mirrors your Texas pride and American spirit. 

Display Your Love for Texas Anywhere 

Unleash your Texas love everywhere! Elevate your desk or any space with the essence of Texas, or add an elegant touch to your surroundings with indoor Texas flag sets. Shop our Texas flag category page to view our complete catalog. 

Celebrate Texas and the USA with Complementary Products

At AmericanFlags.com, we provide everything you need to express your devotion to your country and the Lone Star State. For a harmonious display, match your outdoor Texas flag with your American flag. Our nylon American Flags are customer favorites, excelling in all weather, while those in more challenging climates can opt for our polyester American flags. Remember, choose an American flag one size larger if you plan to fly your flags on the same flagpole for proper flag etiquette. Shop our American flag collection today to experience the difference of a high-quality flag. 

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