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Annin Flag Makers
Annin Flagmakers has been making the US Flag since 1847 and is the oldest and largest flag manufacturer in the United States. Annin Flagmakers, headquartered in New Jersey, proudly employs over 500 American workers. The American flag is our symbol of hope, freedom and perseverance. At Annin, they produce over 4,000 products – all manufactured in the United States with the highest degree of integrity, honor and pride.
Authorized Valley Forge Flags Dealer 
Trusted since 1882. Valley Forge Flag has been a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of U.S. flags, state flags and military flags for over a century. Our quality craftsmanship has been displayed at our country’s most significant locations and historic milestones, including Arlington National Cemetery, the first moon landing and the U.S. Capitol. Valley Forge Flag has been dedicated to honoring America and its patriots for four generations. Our superior quality flags and accessories have earned the trust of retailers, distributors, and the U.S. Government. With each flag we produce, we capture the spirit of our great nation.
Authorized Eder Flag Dealer
For over two decades, AmericanFlags.com has proudly held the esteemed title of being an authorized Eder Flags Dealer. With a commitment to delivering top-notch quality and a deep sense of patriotism, this enduring partnership has allowed AmericanFlags.com to offer customers a wide array of Eder flags that embody the essence of American pride. As a trusted distributor for more than 20 years, AmericanFlags.com continues to exemplify excellence in providing customers with a diverse selection of flags crafted by Eder—a renowned name synonymous with precision, durability, and a rich tradition of flag-making. This enduring collaboration underscores AmericanFlags.com's dedication to offering customers the highest standards in flag craftsmanship while celebrating the spirit of the United States.
Authorized Carrot-Top Flags Dealer
In 1980, Carrot-Top Founder Dwight Morris stepped into the flag industry with a passion to build a company dedicated to serving its customers’ needs while providing the highest quality products.
Annin FlagMakers is one of America's Oldest flag manufaturers. They were founded in 1847 in New Jersey.
Valley Forge Flag in South Carolina makes the majority of Government Spec flags and printed polyester flags for the nation.
Eder Flag in Oak Creek, Wisconsin is an employee owned business. Founded by an immigrant in the early 1900's, it is built on the American Dream. There is even a documentary about the many immigrants who currently work there, "The Flagmakers".
Carrot-Top Industries is one of the oldest e-commerce sites for flags, it was built almost 25 years ago. Although the company has been around for over 40 years. Now it is woman owned and led by the founder's daughter and they are constantly striving to push for excellence in the digital flag world.
AmericanFlags.com is a proud member of the Flag Manufacturers of America Association. https://fmaa-usa.com/ It was started by the three largest flag makers, Valley Forge Flag, Annin Flagmakers and Eder Flag, as a way to label their flags as American-Made.
Why is Concord American Flagpole the industry leader? Concord American Flagpole has a proud history that brings over 70 years of experience to the aluminum flagpole industry. As an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of Flagpole and Flagpole Components, we are extremely proud to offer the best flagpole value, the highest level of professional customer service and continued innovation to industry professionals worldwide. We have an Integrated Supply Chain CAFP is the only vertically integrated flagpole manufacturer in North America We own and control the entire process from start to finish, meaning we extrude, spin, and manufacture our poles in-house. We have the Largest Inventories Thanks to our integrated supply chain CAFP has the industry leading inventories with thousands of flagpoles in stock and ready for immediate shipment.