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Stop replacing your flags so frequently! These Beacon® nylon flags last longer and save you money in the long run!

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Unveil your enduring patriotism with our Beacon® Nylon American Flags, trusted by those who seek top-tier quality. Built to endure outdoor weather, these American flags mirror the unwavering pride of true patriots. Make an unforgettable patriotic statement by ordering these made-in-the-USA flags today, crafted with several features that will keep them looking new when displayed outside your home.

  • Made from premium 200-denier nylon sourced from the USA 
  • Dyed with vivid inks, pre-treated to resist fading in the harsh sun 
  • Sewn stripes reinforced by rows of stitching on the fly end
  • Embroidered or appliqued stars that pop out against the rich blue field 
  • Virtually indestructible canvas header
  • Rust-proof brass grommets (smaller flags), steel-infused roped headings (large flags), or both
  • Lightweight — these flags will flutter in the softest breeze 
  • Six-month guarantee on all flag sizes — we will send you a free replacement if your flag fades, frays, or tears within that time frame 
  • Made in America! 

Learn Why Top Consumers Only Purchase Beacon® Nylon USA Flags

Discover the top-rated flag for consumers, businesses, and patriots who demand the finest American flag, the Beacon® Nylon American Flag.

Crafted in partnership with flag industry veterans, Carrot-Top Industries

Introducing our Beacon® Nylon USA Flags, crafted in partnership with Carrot-Top Industries. For decades, schools, government institutions, and those who demand top-performing flags have sworn by the quality of Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags, rating them an exceptional 4.9/5.0 stars. Now, AmericanFlags.com brings them to you at consumer-friendly prices so you can proudly display them outside your home or small business at all hours. 

Built for all-weather use 

As the signature all-weather flag, each one is carefully manufactured to endure the challenges of outdoor life. Skilled Americans prepare the fabric to withstand the sun's harsh U.V. rays, and the stripes are hand-stitched to prevent tearing. With four to eight rows of stitching at the fly end, depending on the size of the flag, and two rows on the top and bottom, these flags are built to last. Unlike imported flags that tear within 90 days, these strong flags can last two to four times longer, depending on the care given. Your investment here is in a flag that's a true symbol of enduring patriotism. 

Flies beautifully in gentle winds

Beacon® Nylon American Flags offer unmatched beauty and strength. Made of 200-denier nylon, these flags dry fast and keep their colors even after days of relentless sun. While heavier flags require strong winds to fly, nylon will flutter even during the slightest breeze so that you can experience the stars and stripes in their full glory. These flags can last longer, so even if they cost more initially, you save money in the long run because you don't have to replace them as often. Order Beacon® nylon flags for a high-quality flag that lasts. 

Wide size selection for your flexibility 

Beacon® Nylon American Flags are ideal for both residential and commercial use. You can choose from over a dozen sizes, starting as small as 12 x 18 in and going up to impressive 30 x 60 ft flags, which can make powerful patriotic statements visible from miles away. Whether you hang them next to your front door with a wall-mounted flagpole, display them vertically from your ceiling, or showcase them on your wall, these flags provide stunning symbols of patriotism for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

FAQ about the Beacon® Nylon American Flag 

Have additional questions about our Beacon® Nylon American Flags? Read this FAQ for answers to common questions. 

1. Who makes the brand Beacon®? 

Carrot-Top Industries produces all Beacon® Nylon American Flags. Government agencies and other official institutions rely on Carrot-Top to supply patriotic products, including flags, flagpoles, and accessories. With Carrot-Top's unmatched reputation for quality and service, you can trust that the Beacon® Nylon American Flags will outlast cheaper imported flags. 

2. How long do Beacon® Nylon American Flags typically last? 

The lifespan of a Beacon® Nylon American Flag can vary depending on factors like weather conditions, sun exposure, and wind. However, with proper care and maintenance, these flags can last several months to over a year. Read our Proper Flag Care resource guide for tips on maximizing the lifespan of your American flag. 

3. Can I use Beacon® Nylon American Flags for indoor display? 

While Beacon® Nylon American Flags are primarily designed for outdoor use, you may use them indoors for various events, displays, or ceremonies. However, if you need an American flag for primarily indoor use, you might want to consider a different type, such as an indoor U.S. flag. Outdoor Beacon® Nylon American Flags come with brass grommets that require halyard rope and snap hooks to attach to a flagpole. Most indoor flags come with a pole sleeve that slips easily over the flagpole. Attaching an outdoor flagpole to an indoor flagpole may require additional hardware, such as flag fasteners or zip ties. 

4. Do Beacon® Nylon American Flags come with a warranty? 

Yes, Beacon® Nylon U.S. flags come with a six-month warranty. That means if your flag tears, frays, or fades within six months, we will send you a free replacement. Contact our Customer Care team if you require a replacement flag, and they will tell you what you need to do to replace your flag. 

5. What size American flag should I purchase for my home?  

The best size to purchase for your home depends on the size of your flagpole. Most people who hang a flag outside their home attach either a 5 or 6 ft flagpole to their wall. The flag's width should be approximately half the size of the flagpole. That means a 5 ft flagpole should be paired with either a 2 x 3 ft or 2.5 x 5 ft, while a 6 ft pole should have 3 x 5ft flag. For more advice on choosing the right size flag for your home, read our blog, "How to Choose the Right American Flag Size for Your House.

6. What else must I purchase to hang a flag outside my home?  

Most people who want to hang a flag outside their home will need a flagpole and bracket (flagpole holder). We recommend purchasing one of our outdoor American flag kits if this is your first time creating an American flag display. These kits come with everything you need to display your American flag. Those hoisting a flag on an existing flagpole may need to purchase flag fasteners if using a wall-mounted flagpole or snap hooks and halyard rope if using an in-ground flagpole.

7. How many brass grommets are on larger American flags?  

All flags 6 x 10 ft and smaller have two rust-resistant brass grommets, four rows of fly end stitching and embroidered stars. Larger American flags, 8 x 12 ft, have additional features to make them more durable. Most notably, these flags are finished with roped headers with plated steel rope thimbles. Their grommets are reinforced, and the corners have a two-ply corner patch sewn into each header corner to make your investment into a larger American flag last longer. See the table for more information on the features for our larger American flags.

Flag Size 

Fly End Stitching 

Number of Thimbles 

Number of Grommets 


8 x 12 ft 

6 rows 


10 x 15 ft 

6 rows 


10 x 19 ft 

6 rows 


12 x 18 ft 

6 rows 


15 x 25 ft 

6 rows 


20 x 30 ft 

6 rows 


20 x 38 ft 

6 rows 


25 x 40 ft 

8 rows 


30 x 50 ft 

8 rows 


30 x 60 ft 

8 rows 


50 x 80 ft 

8 rows 




8. Should I fly a nylon or polyester flag outside my home?  

Nylon flags are the best choice for most home flag displays. They are lightweight and work well with wall-mounted flagpoles. If you're using a yard flagpole in a windy area, you might want to consider polyester. However, nylon is preferred in most cases. Heavier flag fabrics can sometimes cause strain on wall-mounted flagpoles and even cause them to break if they get wet. 

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Other nylon American flags 

Nylon American flags are the number one recommended flag for displaying outside your home because they are lightweight and durable. AmericanFlags.com sells nylon flags made by top U.S. flag makers, Annin Flagmakers, Valley Forge and Eder. While these flags may slightly differ in appearance, all brands deliver exceptional quality. Visit our Nylon American Flags category page to learn about our different nylon flags for sale.

Polyester American flags 


Businesses or homes in regions prone to heavy winds should opt for a Patriarch® Polyester American Flag. These exceptional flags, created in partnership with flag industry leader Carrot-Top Industries, are constructed from double-spun polyester that's stronger than any flag fabric on the market. They boast outstanding resistance to tearing and fraying, making them some of the sturdiest flags. These flags are true champions, holding their ground even in areas notorious for wearing out lesser American flags. When you fly a Patriarch® Polyester American Flag, you're unfurling a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying the enduring spirit of America. Shop now to experience their impressive durability! 

Other types of American flags 

AmericanFlags.com offers American flags for homes, schools, businesses, and any place that wants to show their loyalty to the United States. We have a wide selection, including big outdoor flags, elegant indoor flags with gold fringe, small car flags, flags for funerals, handheld flags, and more. Whether celebrating Memorial Day or the Fourth of July or wanting to display your patriotism all year, we've got the right products for you. Show your love for the American flag with us. Choose AmericanFlags.com to express your pride in the United States. 

Flagpoles and accessories 


At AmericanFlags.com, we offer a variety of flagpoles to fit your requirements. Our residential flagpoles are perfect for those who need a flagpole for their home or small business. We have different types of wall-mounted and in-ground flagpoles that are simple to put together and cost very little to ship. For those who need more permanent flag displays, check out our collection of commercial flagpoles, available in sizes up to 50 ft online. Make a statement with your flag display — explore our selection today! 

AmericanFlags.com: Your Gateway to the Finest American-Made Products! 

AmericanFlags.com is more than just a flag seller. We specialize in top-quality, American-made flags and patriotic items. Our collection includes a variety of flags that showcase your unwavering commitment to the United States. We are honored members of NIFDA, FMAA, and the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best-quality products. When you choose us, you're investing in symbols of your deep love for this nation, all sourced from respected American manufacturers. We're here to help you elevate your displays with products that truly reflect America's enduring values. Trust AmericanFlags.com, your reliable source for flags and more. 

Customer Reviews

Great flag.
Review by
This is an excellent flag. I think it's the 4th or 5th 2 X 3' flag I've bought from American Flags.com. When they fade after a few years, I just buy a new one. They are always durable, and they look good for years. The one I just replaced still looks good, I just want them to look new. The price and service are always good. I just wish they hadn't joined Trustpilot. I think I got 8 emails and now have to give this review. I didn't want to join a club, or get a discount, since I won't be buying another for probably 3 years. I just wanted to buy a good flag, and get it delivered in a timely manner, and that's what I did. If I didn't, I wouldn't keep buying the same flag from the same company. So there's your review. 5 stars, and I won't review it next time. My repurchase will serve as my endorsement
The Best Flag
Review by
This flag is without question the best you can buy. I have been flying "Old Glory" for well over a year, 365 days 24/7. While, yes, their is some fading, She is still a Grand Old Flag!! Her brilliant Red, White and Blue colors are almost as brilliant as the day I hoisted Her on my flagpole. If this had been from another source, I would have had to replace it two to three times. Overall the price you pay to support an American company is well worth money.
good description, easy purchase, quick delivery, good quality
Review by
Overall excellent experience. I do wish you could send the flag in a tube not a folded package. The creases are deep and noticeable. I'm sure it will take quite a while to hang the creases out.
Awesome and Beautiful!
Review by
Very easy site to use, quick and prompt response to questions as well!
The delivery was faster than I expected, they had it out the same day!
Very happy customer once again!
Very guick delivery
Review by
Excellent workmanship

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