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shipping-truck Usually ships same day's is proud to present the Patriarch® Polyester American Flag. It's not just a flag; it's a tribute to American strength and beauty. Crafted by flag industry veterans, Carrot-Top Industries, this flag lasts through the toughest weather. Get a durable and long-lasting symbol of American pride that resists damage and keeps its colors bright when you purchase today.

  • Made from premium 100% two-ply spun-woven polyester capable of withstanding brutal winds 
  • Available in a variety of sizes, from the standard 3'x5' to the monumental 50'x80', perfect for any setting 
  • Resists damage in windy environments and severe weather 
  • Dyed using vibrant, fade-resistant inks that perfectly capture the essence of Old Glory 
  • Features a robust, nearly indestructible canvas header for lasting durability 
  • Uses anti-rust brass grommets and/or steel-reinforced roped headings to easily attach to your flagpole rope 
  • Comes with a six-month warranty, ensuring your flag remains in prime condition 
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Patriarch® Polyester American Flags: Rated #1 For Extreme Weather Zones

No flag can meet the demands of an extreme weather flag display quite like the Patriarch® Polyester U.S. flag. Learn why the Patriarch® polyester flag is the highest-rated flag for high winds.

Sold in close partnership with Carrot-Top Industries

We are excited to offer the Patriarch® Polyester American Flags, brought to you in partnership with Carrot-Top Industries. Celebrated for their exceptional durability and superior quality, these flags have earned the trust of schools, government agencies, and all who demand the most out of their flag. Achieving a remarkable 4.9/5.0 star rating for performance, proudly makes these flags available at prices affordable to homeowners and small businesses. 

Engineered for heavy-duty use 

Our flags are expertly crafted from two-ply polyester with an Open Weave design, offering both strength and durability. This innovative construction allows wind to pass through, reducing wear on the fabric. Each flag undergoes special treatments for U.V. resistance. Afterward, flag makers finish the flag with a sturdy canvas header, ensuring a secure attachment to your flagpole. Depending on the size of the flag, you'll have four, six, or even eight rows of double-inspected fly end to keep the ends pristine. Handmade by expert U.S. flag makers, each flag is double inspected to guarantee top quality. 

Built for extreme weather 

Patriarch® Polyester American Flags are the leading choice for any challenging environment. They maintain their appearance in coastal and mountainous areas far longer than competitor flags. If these flags do not last for at least six months or longer, call us, and we'll send you a replacement!

A variety of sizes for your display needs 

Patriarch® Polyester American Flags look like cotton flags. Perfect for residential and commercial displays, they come in various sizes, from the cozy 3 x 5 ft to the grand 50 x 80 ft. 

With our size selection, you can create the perfect porch flag or make powerful patriotic statements visible from miles away. Fly high on your flagpole, hang vertically in your hall, or fold up in a flag display case. The options for polyester flags are endless! 

FAQ about the Patriarch® Polyester American Flag:

Our FAQ answers several commonly asked questions about Patriarch® polyester American flags.

1. Who created the Patriarch® Polyester American Flags brand?

Carrot-Top Industries created Patriarch® Polyester American Flags. They have over 40 years of experience curating the best made-in-the-USA products. Customers have rated their Patriarch® Polyester American Flags 4.9/5.0. Their customer base includes official military bases, government agencies, and those who require excellent flags.

2. How long can I expect my Patriarch® Polyester U.S.A. Flag to last?

The lifespan of your flag can vary based on factors like weather conditions and usage. However, these flags can last up to 18 months with proper care and maintenance.

3. Do Patriarch® Polyester American Flags come with a warranty? 

Yes, our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags come with a six-month warranty. Should your flag suffer from tears, fraying, or fading within this period, we will replace it free of charge. Our Customer Care team is always ready to assist you with the replacement process, ensuring your flag always looks its best. Fill out our Contact Us Form if you require a replacement today.

4. Is the Patriarch® Polyester American Flag classified as heavy-duty?

Yes, Patriarch® Polyester American Flags are considered heavy-duty flags. They are constructed to be as durable as possible, making them suitable for areas with harsh weather. The material used in the Patriarch® flags is known for its high tensile strength and ability to withstand fierce winds. That's why we recommend only flying this flag if you live on the coast, in the mountains, or in any other extreme weather zone.

5. How many brass grommets are on larger American flags? 

Our larger flags are designed with durability in mind. Flags measuring 6 x 10 ft and smaller have two rust-resistant brass grommets and four rows of fly-end stitching. Flags sized 8 x 12 ft and above include additional enhancements. These include roped headers with plated steel rope thimbles, reinforced grommets, and dual-ply corner patches in each header corner. This extra attention to detail ensures your investment in larger flags is well-protected. Refer to our feature table for detailed information on our larger flags.

Flag Size 

Fly End Stitching 

Number of Thimbles 

Number of Grommets 


8 x 12 ft 

6 rows 


10 x 15 ft 

6 rows 


10 x 19 ft 

6 rows 


12 x 18 ft 

6 rows 


15 x 25 ft 

6 rows 


20 x 30 ft 

6 rows 


20 x 38 ft 

6 rows 


25 x 40 ft 

8 rows 


30 x 50 ft 

8 rows 


30 x 60 ft 

8 rows 


50 x 80 ft 

8 rows 



6. What is the best place to display my Patriarch® Polyester American Flag? 

You can display your Patriarch® Polyester U.S.A. Flags in various indoor and outdoor settings. These include hoisted on your flagpole, folded up in your flag display case, or hung vertically. However, we do not recommend hanging these flags outdoors on a wall-mounted flagpole. This fabric can become very heavy when wet, potentially causing your hardware to break.

Additionally, while our polyester flags may be displayed on a flagpole inside, we sell indoor U.S. flags specifically meant for this purpose. These flags are finished with a pole sleeve instead of headings and grommets. This means they do not need extra hardware for display on our indoor flagpoles.

Need help to choose between a nylon or polyester flag? Our American Flag Selection Guide will help guide your decision.

7. Can I leave this flag displayed during a storm?  

While this flag is built for harsh weather, that does not include extreme situations like hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and other natural disasters. We recommend removing your flag from its flagpole during inclement weather. 

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