Armed Forces Day has been recognized as an official national holiday since 1961. America celebrates Armed Forces Day on the third Saturday of May every year, and in 2017, May 20th is the day to remember. Since Armed Forces Day is not far off, many of us want to find the perfect gift to show our love and support for the U.S. military and their families. Showing support by visiting military air shows and attending patriotic parades it a wonderful way to spend the day. Giving a gift, however, serves as a constant reminder of our American pride all year long. American flag against blue sky

Products Made in America by Americans

Since Armed Forces Day is largely about citizens uniting and honoring military heroes, it reasonably follows that supporting products made in America by Americans is the best way to show our American pride. The best gift to proudly proclaim American pride is a quality American Flag. An American flag is a gift that advertises patriotism and mobilizes patriotic spirit year around. Also, American flags are good gifts for Armed Forces Day because of their versatility. Flags can be incredibly inspirational outside on flagpoles or porches and extremely decorative inside your home or vehicle.

License Plate Frame

proud american license plate cover A large flag inside your vehicle might be good for tailgating, but for some, an American made patriotic license plate or tag may be a better option. License plate frames and tags are fantastic gift ideas for Armed Forces Day because they can show support for the troops everywhere you go.


olive green ARMY t shirt Clothing is another great way to support the troops wherever you go, therefore shirts, sweatshirts and hats are great gifts for someone special on Armed Forces Day. Unique patriotic clothing is sure to make the perfect gift for Armed Forces Day, especially if you have allegiance to a particular military branch.


Another great present idea is a personalized gift. Personalized gifts can really show an individual how much you appreciate them, and there are many customized options available for military veterans, friends and family. Whether you are the wife, daughter or friend of an Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard veteran, showing your support by wearing a custom made, personalized patriotic hair bow might be the right choice for you. Rather than keep personal momentous in a box stored away in a closet, why not get a custom, American made keepsake box from a veteran-owned and operated business. offers gorgeous, hand-crafted wooden trunks, footlockers, storage boxes and more so you can confidently and proudly display your sacred keepsakes from loved ones. These boxes allow for complete design customization inside and out. Also, an engraved brass nameplate can be added, containing up to 75 characters and spanning three lines.

DIY Gifts

Giving a fabulous gift does not necessarily mean spending money. Creative do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts are an excellent way to give something meaningful that can often be done with items found around the home. DIY gifts can also educate children about the importance of Armed Forces Day by uniting families with fun activities. For example, patriotic paint chip art only costs a trip to your local hardware store. Pick up some red, white and blue paint sample cards in the paint department, cut out shapes and create mosaics.


Wreath art is another wonderful DIY Armed Forces Day project. My favorite is this mini wreath pin because it has a wide variety of uses from a bow on a gift to a purse decoration. All you need to make this cute mini wreath is the appropriately colored fabric, hot glue, cardboard and paper clips.


Handbags made by military spouses from R. Riveter are unique because the company provides the spouses with work opportunities, even when they are unable to consistently live in a single location. These beautiful handbags are made from reclaimed military materials (old tents, uniforms and so on). Showing you are patriotic doesn’t always mean red, white and blue, but also supporting organizations and companies that support our armed forces.

Shaving Gear

Recently, R. Riveter joined forces with Shaveology. This company makes high-quality shaving equipment for men, and they donate a portion of their profits to the Soldier’s Angels, an organization that assists the men, women and families of the American Armed Forces. Any man who shaves in the traditional wet fashion would love Shaveology’s shaving products.