Gold Star Mother's Day

The last Sunday of September marks a day dedicated to the mothers, fathers, and family members of the country’s fallen military service members, fondly called Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day or National Gold Star Mother’s Day. This blog will provide more information for those interested in supporting Gold Star families. 

Who Are the Gold Star Mothers? 

The use of stars to indicate that a family member was fighting in a war dates back to World War I. During this time, families would display a flag with a blue star to show that someone they loved was fighting for their country. Soon, flags with multiple stars became common as more family members went to serve in the war. While the exact origins of this tradition are unknown, those who lost loved ones in the line of duty eventually began displaying a gold star flag, earning themselves the name Gold Star families. This term became common in America’s national vocabulary, thanks to the sacrifices of the many men and women serving in uniform. In 1928, a group calling themselves the Gold Star Mothers officially came together and continues to this day. At, we proudly sell expertly crafted American flags and cases that you can give as gifts to Gold Star families. 

What Are the Origins of Gold Star Mother’s Day? 

The origins of Gold Star Mother’s Day begin from tragedy. Grace Darling Seibold, whose son George Vaughn Seibold was a soldier in the British Royal Flying Corps, would correspond regularly until she stopped hearing from him one day. Although she held out hope, in 1918, she received word that he had died in battle. Devastated, she hung a gold star in her window to signal his death. Grieving, Grace reached out to other mothers who lost their sons, and, in 1928, created the American Gold Star Mothers group that is still running today. To help other families who lost loved ones, Congress designated the last Sunday in September as the official Gold Star Mother’s Day, in 1936. 

How Do Families Celebrate Gold Star Mother’s Day? 

Every year, members of the National Gold Star Mothers group gather together in Washington to honor the fallen men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Other families will volunteer and give back to the community to honor their fallen soldier. Many organizations around the nation hold ceremonies, teas, and luncheons for Gold Star Families. 

How to Support Gold Star Families Today 

If you want to support Gold Star families, consider these opportunities. 

1. Volunteer with Your Local Gold Star Mothers Chapter 

There are many Gold Star Mothers chapters around the country, and they are always looking for volunteers. You can help make meals or get involved in other community service needs. Visit the American Gold Star Mothers website to find a chapter near you.  

2. Join the Living Legends Team 

The Living Legends Team helps by comforting family members who find out their loved one has fallen in action. It is a challenging but rewarding role that helps a military family during the worst moments of their lives. 

3. Send a Greeting Card 

Sending a note of love and encouragement can uplift and encourage Gold Star families. It doesn’t have to be long, just sincere. 

4. Share a Meal with the Family 

Sharing a meal with the family is a great way to get to know them better. You can listen to their stories and give them the night off from cooking, providing a welcome break for grieving families. 

5. Support Charity with a Flag for the Fallen 

Buying a flag in support of Gold Star families is a great way to show your American pride and honor the fallen. Find out more on our Support Our Troops page! 

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Commemorative Flag Cases 

When a veteran passes away, their next-of-kin can apply to receive a burial flag from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Many parents choose to honor their fallen child with a high-quality flag display case. Our handcrafted flag cases, proudly made in America, come in vibrant finishes that display the blue stars with pride. 

Grave Markers 

A grave marker provides a touching tribute at the final resting place of fallen soldiers. Our selection of grave markers, available at, is crafted from sturdy materials like aluminum and cast bronze, ensuring a lasting tribute. 

Service Banners 

Supporting family members on active duty is essential. Military families can display a service flag in their window as a symbol of their unwavering support. 

Discover More Ways to Support Gold Star Families! 

This Gold Star Mother’s Day, explore additional ways to show your support for Gold Star families. Our dedicated Flag Pros are here to assist you in finding the perfect American-made products. Contact us today for more information and discover meaningful gifts that honor their sacrifice.