Easter is on the horizon, and it is a wonderful holiday to welcome spring. Whether you are celebrating Easter with your church congregation or at home with friends and family, it is a special time of the year. To help inspire your Easter celebrations, here are some beautiful flags and banners you can fly to announce the holiday in style — along with some interesting facts about Easter traditions around the world.

Happy Easter Bunny Garden Flag

happy easter flag bunny Easter has long been associated with bunnies, but no one really knows why. One theory credits the Pagans, who worshiped Eostre, a goddess of fertility, whose was symbolized as a rabbit. It's not hard to see how such similar names — Eostre and Easter — could become linked in people's minds, leading to a merging of traditions. The second theory is that German immigrants brought their tradition of the Osterhase (an egg-laying hare) to America with them in the 1700s. In Germany, the tradition is that children build colorful nests that the Osterhase visited to lay eggs. Over time, chocolate eggs came to be associated with holiday traditions like the Easter Bunny. So now that you know why there is an Easter bunny, consider flying a colorful and festive banner to celebrate Easter this year.

Easter Chick Felt Garden Flag

happy easter flag chick hatching Eggs and chicks have a long tradition of being linked with Easter. In fact, painted hardboiled eggs have been a feature of springtime celebrations since before Christianity. But the question is, why eggs? Easter coincides with the beginning of spring and the end of winter. Enduring winter is hard, and springtime promises the blooming of new life. Around the world, spring is represented by eggs around the world, from France to Brazil to Iran. You probably have heard of the famous Faberge eggs, but you may not know why they are considered the best example of a decorated Easter egg. These stunning creations were presented to the Russian Royal Court from 1885-1917. These days. you don't have to have anything quite so decadent to celebrate Easter in style, when a Happy Easter egg flag will look just as festive.

Appliqué Bunny Basket Coming and Going Flag

front back easter bunny flag This lovely two-sided flag is filled with whimsy. There is something sweetly childlike about a cartoon bunny in a basket that puts most people in mind of an Easter egg hunt. We once again have the Germans and their Osterhase tradition to thank for those traditional and fun Easter egg hunts. In the 1700s, German and Dutch Children were not only encouraged to build colorful nests for the Osterhase to lay eggs in but to also hunt for the eggs that might have been left hidden in the grass. If you lived in South Germany, the eggs were placed behind obstacles. If you wanted to collect those eggs, you needed to be determined as they were often hidden in hard or unpleasant to reach places. Would you stick your hand into nettles or thorns to find an egg? If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt this year, consider this whimsical banner to let everyone know about your festivities.

Easter Lilies Garden Flag

easter lilies garden flag This stylish and beautiful flag is a great way to celebrate your faith during the season of Easter. Lilies have been part of the tradition of Christian Easter celebrations for a long time, and they are mentioned on several occasions in the Bible, most famously in the Sermon on the Mount.
"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet.... Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."
The Lily symbolizes purity and innocence as well as the hope for new life. This link with new life and hope makes the lily the ideal symbol for Easter. It is a touching symbol of the inherent hopefulness of Christians’ belief in redemption. This flag would be a lovely addition outside your church or home during the Easter season and can form a lovely talking point for the church community. It is a beautiful and tasteful way to acknowledge the gift of faith.