Vertical American Flag

The American flag, known fondly as Old Glory, has long stood as a symbol of freedom, capturing the American spirit and honoring the sacrifices of those who came before. Flying the national flag is an excellent way to display your patriotism and show your love for our great country, but you want to ensure you are following proper flag etiquette when hanging your flag vertically. If you’re ready to add this patriotic symbol to your home, keep reading to find out the proper way to hang your U.S. flag vertically, so everyone passing will see that you are proud to be an American! 

What is the U.S. Flag Code?  

The flag code is a series of rules used to ensure the proper care, handling, and display of the American flag. Established on June 22, 1942, by President Roosevelt, the flag code has remained mostly the same, only acquiring the occasional amendment. Within this code, there are guidelines for properly displaying the flag and consequences for “knowingly [casting] contempt upon any flag of the United States.” While accidentally breaking the code will not result in legal repercussions, having a comprehensive understanding of proper flag etiquette will help you ensure you never accidentally (or purposefully) disrespect the flag. Learn more about the U.S. Flag code.

Flag Hanging Etiquette 

  • When hanging the flag of the United States of America, you should always ensure the union, which is the blue field containing the fifty stars, is on top. Hanging the flag upside down is an act used to signal the country is in deep distress and should only be used in dire situations.
  • When hanging the stars and stripes indoors, place your flag in a position of honor and make sure it is prominently displayed in a respectful manner.
  • When hung on a window, wall, or door, the union should always be on the viewer’s left or the flag’s own right.
  • If choosing to display your American flag over your street, the union should face east on a north/south street and north on an east/west street.
  • No part of the flag should ever touch anything beneath it, including water, floors, or other debris.
  • If placing the American flag next to other flags, including state or military flags, it should always be to the observer’s left of the other flag.
  • When displaying the U.S. flag with other flags, the union should always be at the highest point, located at the peak of the staff when affixed to a flagpole. 

How To Hang Your American Flag Outside

These tips will help you ensure your flag is hung correctly if you plan to hang your flag vertically outdoors. 

  • Choosing an all-weather flag is essential for outdoor use. High-grade nylon is the most common, thanks to its durability and fast-drying properties. Outdoor display of the flag involves attaching it with grommets, which allow you to easily hoist it into place.
  • Hang your flagpole horizontally from the side of your home at a 90-degree angle so it is parallel to the ground so that you can hang your flag vertically for optimal viewing.
  • It is important to note that although many heavy-duty flags are weather-resistant, you should not leave your flag out during inclement weather.
  • If flying the flag at night, it should always be illuminated and never allowed to be covered by darkness.

When To Display Your U.S. Flag  

While many choose to fly the American flag year-round, you may ceremoniously display the stars and stripes during specific holidays. These can include: 

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Flag Day 

You may also choose to fly multiple flags simultaneously in honor of those who fought for our freedoms. Popular emblems include: 

For more information on different ways to display your U.S. flag. 

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