U.S. State Flags 2024

The World's Fair Exposition of 1893 significantly influenced the design of many U.S. state flags. Since then, flags have been symbols of state identity, with each one showcasing the unique topography, history, or culture of its state. 

Occasionally, a state will adopt a new flag design, seeking to update or modernize the original look, but these changes have been few and far between until recently.  

On May 11th, Minnesota will debut a new flag design, voted by its citizens and acting as a reflection of the state’s ideals. This move marks a broader trend among states nationwide that are reimagining their flags with updated new designs that accurately represent their citizen’s ideals. Let’s explore the movement that is grabbing the attention of vexillologists and changing the face of American state flags nationwide. 

The Reason Behind the U.S. State Flag Redesign Movement 

U.S. state flag redesigned in 2023-2024 U.S. state flag redesigned in 2023-2024

While the influx of flag redesigns may seem sudden, it’s a reflection of a changing climate. Many of the original emblems have controversial ties, with many dating back to historical events like the Civil War. While there are many reasons why a state may decide to change the look of its flag, it typically falls within the following reasons. 

The flag does not represent the state well 

Many flag designs feature similar structures, characteristics, and colors, making them feel unremarkable. Having an emblem that blends in with the rest fails to invoke a sense of pride and individuality that sets each state apart.  

A desire for a unique emblem was the reason for the Utah flag redesign. In 2021, a survey conducted and posted on the state’s website showed that many Utahns felt that, while the Utah flag was beautiful, it failed to accurately represent them.  

They’re not alone; citizens throughout America are often underwhelmed and uninspired by their state flags.  

Maine is another state choosing to change its flag, as residents believe it matches too closely to New Hampshire’s and other New England state flags.  

While these flags are undergoing changes, they are still stunning pieces of history, and AmericanFlags.com is proud to offer a wide selection of historic Maine and Utah State flags in stock and on sale now! 

Its imagery needs updating 

Many states are updating their flags to better reflect modern sensibilities and inclusivity, embracing symbols that represent all of their citizens.  

For example, Mississippi redesigned its flag, creating a more unifying emblem, a Magnolia, the state’s flower, while Minnesota considered changes to ensure respectful representation of all communities. Shop our extensive collection of Mississippi State flags and celebrate the North Star State with the historic Minnesota flag

Their flag violates the principles of good flag design 

According to the North American Vexillological Association, there are five principles of good flag design. These include: 

  • Keep it simple - Avoid overly complicated visuals. Stick with simplistic graphics like on the Alabama, Texas, and Alaska flags.
  • Use meaningful symbolism - Include historic symbolism like on the state flags from New Mexico, Louisiana, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.
  • Use two or three colors - Use limited colors like the France, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and North Carolina flags.
  • Include no seals or writing - Many flags contain state seals, a coat of arms, or lettering, including Kansas, Washington, South Carolina, California, and Georgia.
  • Stay relative or be distinctive - Avoid duplications with other flags both in the U.S.A. or internationally.

Many states are redesigning their flags to better align with NAVA’s flag guidelines, creating flags that are both distinctive and visually appealing. 

What Other States Are Considering a Redesign? 

Along with Minnesota, other states are considering a flag redesign. 


Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed a new bill into law exploring the development and creation of a new state flag. The state has seen two official flags in its history, with the Governor hoping to oversee the third. The first flag was introduced in 1915 and remained until 1970. A redesign led by then-Governor Ogilvie changed the look of the state seal. The new bill seeks to update the current look of the flag. While in the beginning stages, residents are excited about the design process. Purchase an Illinois State flag from AmericanFlags.com today! 

Illinois flag Illinois flag


In Michigan, State Representative Phil Skaggs is leading the way on legislation to update the state’s flag. Citing places like Arizona, Colorado, and Canada, he points out that a flag redesign unites residents with a common goal. While the current flag works, he wants the flag to represent the people, not the government, creating an emblem residents will be proud to fly. Shop our impressive selection of Michigan flags today! 

Grassroots U.S. state flag redesigns 

Flag design isn’t just for lawmakers; it can be a fun exercise for anyone who is passionate about vexillology or graphic design. Virtually every flag, including those in the southern, western, and northern states, can be redesigned by an ordinary citizen. Platforms like vexillology subreddits are gaining in popularity. A combination of pride and excitement continues to drive citizens to participate in state flag designs. 

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