Presents for Patriots 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for American Flag Enthusiasts Got a patriotic recipient on your list this season? Fret not! We’ve got all the top American flag gifts for everyone from retired service members and historians to casual patriots. Waving Old Glory is a right and privilege of all Americans, and it’s one to celebrate year-round, especially during the holidays. Just make sure you choose an all-weather style that can handle the inclement weather of the season! Silhouette of man holding US flag American on the mountain The best way to honor an American flag enthusiast is, of course, to surprise him or her with a premium-quality American flag and a flagpole for a proud, dignified display. But there are a wide variety of other American-themed gifts on our list that allow patriots to drape the flag throughout their homes in a way that’s stylish, respectful, and bold. There’s something in this selection for just about every flag-lover in your life. The American flag offers endless opportunity for showing your all-American pride, whether you’re looking for ultra-practical gifts—patriotic umbrellas and coffee mugs, for example—or want to add a warm, rustic, and Americana feel to the décor in your home. All of these American-themed gifts are great for honoring your recipient and celebrating the USA at the same time.

What to Look for in Patriotic Gifts

First thing’s first: You don’t want to buy your patriotic gifts just anywhere. The key is to purchase all-American products from all-American sources. Always make sure you order your display flags from companies that produce U.S.-made flags to ensure the best level of quality and to support the U.S. economy. This is the No. 1 rule of purchasing display flags for hanging outdoors or inside your home or business. You also want to consider purchasing American flags that come with a warranty to protect your purchase. Presents for Patriots Dividers 200

Patriotic Gifts Sure to Wow: Gifts Under $200

Looking for a truly special gift that you know your recipient will treasure for a lifetime? These premium flag gifts are all fantastic options. Our present-worthy outdoor American flags are the gold standard when it comes to flag-giving, and they are guaranteed to become a treasured piece of pride for any patriot. We also offer a variety of other premium patriotic gifts for a variety of recipients.
  • Tough-Tex American Flags — Outdoor American flags made of Tough-Tex are the perfect pick for anyone who closely abides by the U.S. Flag Code and wants to wave the star-spangled banner in every season outdoors. Commercial-grade Tough-Tex flags are durable enough for commercial and industrial use, but can also be waved in residential environments. These all-weather flags are uniquely designed to handle any kind of weather and feature special treatments to reduce sun and chemical deterioration.
Premium Flag Display Quote
  • Premium Flag Display Cases — An especially great gift for the active or retired military member, a flag display case gives retired flags a dignified place to rest. These traditional, triangle-shaped flag cases display your properly folded flags and protect them from the elements. Premium versions also feature Velcro-friendly compartments for displaying military regalia and other important relics. Order one alongside a high-quality American flag for a gift that’ll blow your recipient away!
  • Americana Fine Art Prints — Fine art photographers have a special knack for capturing the red, white, and blue in settings that truly inspire, from the iconic flags that drape the New York Stock Exchange to ones painted on the sides of old rural barns. Patriotic photographs and fine art make excellent gifts for anyone looking for one-of-a-kind and engaging artwork. These photographs have been captured by skilled photographers and represent the flag in all its glory.  
Presents for Patriots Dividers 100

Patriotic Gifts Under $100

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to honor a patriot but don’t want to spend over $100, these gift suggestions make a great place to start. Our all-weather nylon American flags are a step down from Tough-Tex, in terms of durability, but are still strong and weather-resistant for outdoor placement throughout the year. Most styles that measure 6-feet by 10-feet and smaller ring up for under $100. Here are some more great all-American gifts under $100!  
  • Antique Patriot Eagles — Give the exterior of your home a little something extra-patriotic (next to your outdoor American flag, of course) with one of our antique patriot eagles. These indoor/outdoor eagle hangings are designed for all-weather use and are made in America. You may know that, traditionally, homeowners would display these eagle hangings over their doors when they paid off their mortgage.
  Antique Brass Patriotic Eagle  
  • Steel-Cut U.S. Signs — Premium-quality custom-cut steel signs are absolutely ideal for hanging in any Americana-themed living space, garage, or business. They’re handmade in the U.S., so each one is a true one-of-a-kind, and feature a powder-coated finish to ensure that they stand up to weather and abuse for ages.
  • All-Weather State Flags — Thinking of a patriot who loves his or her country and state, too? High-quality, outdoor state flags make a cool and unexpected gift for anyone who’s got some serious state pride. These flags are perfect for displaying outside right next to your outdoor American flags!
  Presents for Patriots Dividers 50

Patriotic Gifts Under $50

If you’re looking for an affordable gift for the diehard flag-lover, start with our selection of indoor American flags, available in standard and fringed versions. These classic flags are perfect for indoor display in the home, business, or classroom. Our heritage American flags are another thoughtful option, especially for the historian or Americana-lover.  
  • Gift Boxed American Flags — These offer a presentation worth noting! These gift boxed flags are absolutely ideal for anyone who wants to give the gift of the red, white, and blue in a beautiful display. Made by Annin, the world’s oldest, largest flag-maker in the world, these signature flags are made in America using military-grade nylon to ensure long-term performance and quality.
  American flag mailbox  
  • American Flag Mailbox Covers — Who doesn’t want to give their mailboxes a little bit of all-American pride? A patriotic mailbox cover transforms any boring old mailbox into one that honors the Land of the Free. They’re also great because they’re easy to put on your existing mailbox, thanks to their magnetic design, but they last for years with specially formulated UV inks that resist fading, cracking, and peeling.
  • Patriotic Signs and Plaques — The most dedicated patriots know that you can never have enough red, white, and blue in your home or vehicle. Give the gift of American pride with a stylish patriotic sign with a message like “Proud to be an American” or “Made in the USA.” These vintage signs work well in any country or Americana décor.
  Presents for Patriots Dividers 25

Patriotic Gifts Under $25

You don’t have to spend a fortune this holiday season to drape your family and friends in the red, white, and blue! These affordable, patriotic gifts make awesome stocking-stuffers and they can even be used to fill your patriotic gift baskets. Just make sure you finish off your presents with some patriotic wrapping paper and handheld American flags!  
  • American Flag Lapel Pins — Have you ever noticed that most American presidents have sported the flag lapel pin during most major speeches and events? These iconic little pins have become a staple of the civil servant wardrobe, and they are perfect for anyone on your list who regularly wears a suit or dresses up. Our complete selection of patriotic pins also includes eagle pins, cross pins, bow pins, and Christmas tree pins decorated with the red, white, and blue.
  An American flag lapel pin on a pinstripe suit  
  • Patriotic License Place Frames — Proud to be an American? Let everyone on the road know, and you just might decrease your chances of road rage. Don’t quote us on that; it’s just a hunch! A “Proud to be an American” license plate frame makes an awesome gift for the patriotic gearhead, mechanic, classic car collector or casual driver. The full-color inserts in—you guessed it—red, white, and blue really give these frames an edge.
  • Pledge of Allegiance T-Shirts — Anyone who’s proud to say the Pledge of Allegiance before the flag will appreciate our amazing Pledge of Allegiance t-shirt that features a vintage eagle design with the complete wording of the Pledge on the front. These patriotic t-shirts are excellent for the unapologetic American and diehard flag enthusiast!
Presents for Patriots Dividers by recipient  

Patriotic Gifts by Recipient

Looking for something for that specific personality? We’ve got you covered! Shop patriotic gifts for men, women, kids, teachers, musicians, and more with this great assortment. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for something dignified and special or unique and funny. You’ll find some fantastic ideas here.
  • For the Trend-Setter — That guy or gal who’s always ahead of the fashion trends is one of the hardest to shop for the holidays. If she’s got a patriotic side, there’s no doubt she’ll appreciate an American flag tote bag featuring a heavy-duty cotton/poly American flag motif complete with the stars and stripes. We also recommend trendy, patriotic jewelry and American-themed home décor for the fashion-forward patriot.
  • For the Military Member — Thank any member of the armed services for his or her service while celebrating the holidays with Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines gear. Proud soldiers who live in cold climates will love our military beanies and hoodies featuring official military branch logos. Shop all of our military gifts for even more great ideas.
  • For the Humorist — Even some of the most serious flag enthusiasts have a good sense of humor. It’s what’s helped forge our history, after all! Lighten the mood in the classroom or office with a funny patriotic bobblehead, like an Uncle Sam Bobblehead. These also make fantastic gifts for Uncle Sam patriots or bobblehead collectors!
  • Crystal Card Holder US Flag Display For the Teacher — Help your favorite educator show his or her love for the Land of the Free with patriotic décor and teaching aids. Our classroom flags and desk flags are specifically designed for display in schools and universities. Classroom flags come mounted on natural wood staffs that make them easy to hang above the chalkboard or on any wall in a government or history classroom.
  • For the Junior Flag-Lover — Instill the importance of the star-spangled banner in youngsters with patriotic toys from our amazing collection. What miniature historian or patriot wouldn’t love an American flag yo-yo? These are high-quality yo-yos made in Vermont, so they’re also a good choice for the yo-yo collector or fanatic. Oh yeah, and did we mention we’re on the fidget spinner bandwagon? A stars and stripes fidget spinner makes the perfect stocking-stuffer for any patriotic youngster.
  • For the Musician — It doesn’t matter if the music-lover on your list is more of a Bruce Springsteen fan or an 1812 Overture fan. You can be sure he or she will adore a patriotic music gift. American flag stickers are always popular among musicians who want to show their patriotic pride on their gear!
  • For the Patriotic Guy — Help any guy celebrate the red, white, and blue year-round with patriotic men’s apparel and military gear. He’ll definitely appreciate one of our military shirts or jackets featuring official logos for the armed forces, and he won’t be disappointed to open up a patriotic hat or t-shirt on Christmas morning.
  • For the Patriotic Lady — There are so many unique ways for a patriot to show her true colors, whether it’s with American flag jewelry or stylish home décor. She’ll absolutely adore a comfortable American flag Afghan blanket that’s easy to drape over the couch, bed, or chair for a patriotic tribute. And no flag-loving lady would be disappointed to wear the colors of Old Glory on an American flag necklace or bracelet.  
If you still haven’t found a patriotic gift that strikes your fancy—if you’re just not sure which one to pick—you can always give a gift certificate so that your recipients can choose exactly what they want. Order yours in any denomination and send by e-mail for quick delivery.