Where to Hang the U.S. Flag on the Front of Your House

Displaying the American flag on the front of your house is a great way to showcase your patriotism, but many people are unaware of proper flag etiquette and may inadvertently disrespect this beloved emblem. In this article, we’ll discuss the correct protocol for flying the flag in front of your home and break down all the products you need to set us your own flag display. 

What is the U.S. Flag Code? 

Have you ever wondered how military and government institutions know the correct way to handle and display the flag of the United States? They follow a set of rules known as the Federal Flag Code or U.S. flag code. While there are no federal penalties for improper flag handling, individual states may impose fines or punishments, particularly for official institutions, since the flag is viewed as a living symbol. Fortunately for homeowners, being punished for incorrectly displaying the flag is a rarity, but hanging it properly showcases your patriotism and national pride. 

Where Can You Display the U.S. Flag? 

You can display the United States flag at the front of your house in many ways, making it easy to create a customized look you can feel proud to show off. 


When hanging your flag vertically, the union must always face the observer’s left or the flag’s own right. Attaching it to a windowsill, the front porch, or any other area is appropriate as long as you never let the flag touch the ground. 

Mounted to Your Wall 

Mounting the national flag to an exterior wall on your home is a great way to showcase the stars and stripes; just be sure to attach it securely, especially in wind-prone regions.

On Your Balcony 

Hanging Old Glory from your balcony is a great way to display the flag if your outdoor space is limited, but you must use the correct fasteners to keep it from blowing away. Americanflags.com has several American flags designed for balconies. Shop online to view all products! 

What Side of the House Do You Hang the U.S. Flag? 

The side of the house you hang your flag depends entirely on which way you are facing. You should always hang your American flag to the right as you exit the front door or to the left side when viewing from the street. 

Other Considerations for Flying the U.S. Flag at Home 

  • When grouping flags, the American flag should be in the leftmost position of the display.
  • When hung vertically, the blue field or union should always be on the observer’s upper left side.
  • The flag should never touch the ground or any surface beneath it.
  • Remove your flag from the flagpole at night unless you have ample lighting for proper illumination.
  • Even if you have an all-weather flag, you should remove it during inclement weather.

Products You Need to Hang Your Flag on the Front of Your House  

Mounting Brackets

You will need the proper products to hang your flag on the front of your house securely. Mounting straps allow you to attach your bracket and flag to a pole or column, while flagpole brackets let you use screws to secure the pole to the wall. While there are many brackets available on our website, we recommend using the one for 1” flagpole diameters. We offer these durable brackets separately or in our spinning flagpole accessory kit

Outrigger Flagpoles

Outrigger flagpoles come in standard or spinning options. At Americanflags.com, our anti-furling rotating flagpoles include two flag collars that attach easily to any grommeted flag. For residential homes, we recommend 5’ or 6’ flagpoles. 

Flagpole Kits

Our flagpole kits take the guesswork out of hanging your flag on the front of your home. Choose between our most popular options, including our Premium Spinning Flagpole Kit or our Patriotic Lighted U.S. Flag Set

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